Rajasthan Government Partners with Healthcare App ‘Aayu’ to Take On Coronavirus Pandemic


Jaipur: Indian startup MedCords through its Aayu & Sehat Sathi app is helping deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Rajasthan government has exclusively partnered with MedCord’s Aayu and Sehat Saathi Apps to help over 68 million population (Rajasthan) to consult doctors online and place orders for their medicine requirement in the wake of a lockdown due to Covid-19. Apart from Rajasthan Govt successful Bhilwara model where they prevented the spread of corona , the authorities are also trying to cater Regular and Chronic patients with the help of Aayu app.

It is fully adopted in districts – Kota, Udaipur, Shri Ganganagar, Bikaner, Ajmer, Pali, Jaipur and will be rolling out to complete state within a week. The app is currently able to help 10000+ patients per day with consultations and also provide fast delivery of medicines through its sehat sathi network. The technology is provided free of cost by the startup.

“We are committed to ensuring that no individual’s health suffers due to a lack of public transportation during the lockdown in Kota. We are confident and positive with our association with MedCords that will enable us to penetrate rural and remote areas and provide effective healthcare delivery during the lockdown. They have been excellent so far managed to resolve both the issues of consultations and medicine delivery to doorstep.” said Shri Om Kasera, District Collector , Kota

“In Ganganagar, Even the Government doctors were enabled on their doctor portal so maximum people can be benefitte” said Shiv Prasad Nakate, District collector Sri ganganagar.

The biggest benefit of the solution is that it takes almost no time to implement across the district and is so easy to use.

With its integrated healthcare ecosystem, Aayu & Sehat Sathi (Enabling Physical Medical store to Digital) (by MedCords) is helping millions of Indians families consult with qualified doctors and order necessary medicines, irrespective of their geographical limitations. The startup’s integrated healthcare solution is being extraordinarily helpful for dependents such as the elderly and people with disabilities whose movement is restricted during the government-imposed lockdown.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is indeed a testing time for the country. The ban on public transport due to lockdown has restricted common people from accessing medical help. The pandemic has also led to a shortage of doctors in the rural areas & small towns, adding to the woes of crores of Indians. Our integrated solution through our two apps – Aayu & Sehat Sathi, is an endeavour to bridge this gap and bring an effective healthcare ecosystem for every citizen of Bharat, on their fingertips. Currently 50% of the cases especially from the grassroots are coming from outside Rajasthan, and we will.be more than happy to support with our technology to every state to help them contain corona virus and help people get essential things easily. It hardly takes us a day to roll out a state.” says Shreyans Mehta, Co-founder and CEO of MedCords.

“MedCords is right at the forefront in war against Corona. Its solution of comprehensive contactless healthcare delivery is especially effective in ensuring millions of patients who would otherwise need to go to an OPD can be attended to at their home. This aids in keeping both the healthcare workers and patients stay protected from unnecessary exposure to a potentially Corona affected person. We build this system to help Bharat, today we are proud to be able to make impact in fight this huge healthcare crisis” said Dhanavath, Co-Founder, MedCords

“Our apps – Aayu & Sehat Sathi, have made quality healthcare accessible for everyone, on their fingertips. Our apps and helpline number can be used in Hindi & English, making it easy for Indians to use it”, says Mehta.

The startup aims at redressing disparity between accessibility to quality healthcare in urban and rural India. Using ‘Aayu’, customers can consult specialist doctors, secure their medical history quickly and order medicines from their nearby medical stores from anywhere across the country. The app also has a built-in comprehensive coronavirus guide for users to clear their myths and check their symptoms. Both apps are available on Google play store. A person who is not a smartphone user can call 7816811111 to receive consultations from doctors from anywhere in India.

For now, the company is extensively focusing on helping India to tackle the coronavirus crisis using technology.

“Each and every person of the country must have access to the right information, qualified doctors and complete closure to their problem. And that’s what we at MedCords provide”, says Nikhil Baheti, Co-founder of MedCords.

MedCords, the company behind Aayu & Sehat Saathi app, was founded in 2017 by Shreyans Mehta, Nikhil Baheti and Saida Dhanavath and is backed by leading investors like InfoEdge, Ashish Jain – WaterBridge Ventures, Astarc Ventures, CIIE and Istart programme of Government of Rajasthan amongst others.