Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited in partnership with GHMC Launches a Advanced collection and transportation system for the city of Hyderabad

Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited (REEL), a leading provider of comprehensive environment management services in India as well as Asia, today inaugurated one of the most advanced Collection and transportation system to collect and transport municipal solid wastes.

Shri. K. T. Rama Rao, (Hon’ble Minister for MA&UD, Industries, and IT & C) as Chief Guest flagged off the vehicles adjacent to Prasads Imax and then inaugurated the modern transfer station at Sanjeevaiah Park built and operated by Ramky Enviro in partnership with GHMC.  Present at the occasion were, Shri Mahmood Ali (Hon’ble minister for Home, Prisons and Fire Services), Shri. Talasani Srinivas Yadav (Hon’ble Minister of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, and Cinematography), Dr.Bonthu Ram Mohan, (H.W.MAYOR, Hyderabad from GHMC), Mr. Danam Nagendar, P. Vijaya, Talasani Sai Kiran, Principal Secretary MA & UD Shri Arvind Kumar, Commissioner GHMC Shri Lokesh Kumar, Ramky Enviro MD & CEO Mr.  M. Goutham Reddy, JMD Mr Masood Mallik and Director Mr. Alla Sharan Reddy and various other officials and dignitaries/

The Project comprises a network of 17 transfer stations, 90 Secondary Collection and Transportation Points and a fleet of transportation equipment. The Fleet that has been deployed is based on large capacity (35 GVW) Benz vehicles mounted with a 26 T Hook and lift equipment and with fully integrated IoT sensors, telemetry and advanced safety systems such as Driver Awareness System and numerous other safety and efficiency innovations. This is the first time such smart vehicles, coupled with 20 cubic meter capacity Portable Self Compactors (PSCs); and 24 cubic meter capacity hermetically sealed waste containers, are being used for secured waste conveyance in India. A dedicated Command & Control Centre remotely tracks and reports on the performance of this smart Waste Collection & Transport system on a 24×7 basis.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Goutham Reddy, MD & CEO, Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited said, “We are pleased to launch the modern and advanced collection and transportation system for municipal solid wastes for the city of Hyderabad.  He appealed to the residents of Hyderabad to their bit of duty by segregating the wastes into Wet and Dry wastes before handing over to the Swachh Autos.  He assured that the waste shall be transported in aesthetically good looking vehicles and without dropping a gram of waste or leaching of liquid and without any foul odout thereby avoiding public inconvenience.   Ramky Enviro is proud to be associated with such modern system”.

Speaking at the launch, Shri .KT Rama Rao (Hon’ble Minister for MA&UD, Industries, and IT & C), “ I feel honoured as I  inaugurate the third consecutive project with our proud partner Ramky Enviro  Engineers Limited,  For years we have been witnessing open garbage trucks recklessly carrying waste on the roads which is a huge concern for public health. To put an end to this GHMC and Ramky Enviro have taken this initiative to establish secondary collection and transport points with well-equipped automated fleet, With this project, Hyderabad is now almost comparable with the global cities in comprehensively managing the MSW, As this project is operational I Pledge that soon we won’t be witnessing open garbage trucks with bad odour on the roads. As we take another sustainable step in managing the waste, I see the vision of Hyderabad being the most sustainable Mega city in the country”.

Speaking at the launch, Shri .Bonthu Ram Mohan, H.W. Mayor, Hyderabad said, today is an auspicious day for Hyderabad as we inaugurate this MSW Collection & Transport Project, I feel happy and proud that we will no longer witness open garbage bins or trucks on the city roads. I want to thank our partner Ramky Enviro for the noble thought of replacing the old garbage trucks with the most sophisticated and modernized fleet, by introducing this new fleet and decentralizing the transfer stations, the burden on the swachh autos will be reduced drastically”