Rare surgery treats woman with life threatening, chronic liver problem

Aligarh: Thirty-year-old, Priyanka Devi, resident of Jirauli, Aligarh almost never spent a day in a hospital or took a day off from daily chores. Like everyone else, she had her high-energy days—which involved waking up early, drinking tea, making breakfast for husband Yogender and then making necessary phone calls before getting back to daily household tasks.

Little did Priyanka suspect that she was anything but healthy? In fact, without any hint of warning, she was in big trouble. Soon enough she would finally see the inside of a hospital with chief complaints of abdominal distension, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, black colour stools and a growing swelling on the left side of abdomen.

After admission, at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC), Aligarh Muslim University, she was diagnosed with a very rare, life threatening, chronic liver disease with portal hypertension and Cholelithiasis. But, thanks to a team of surgeons comprising Department of Surgery doctors, Prof Mohammad Habib Raza and Dr Mohd Sadik Akhtar and Prof Mohd Azam Haseen (Chairman, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery) who performed the successful Exploratory Laparotomy, Cholecystectomy and Splenectomy procedures; Priyanka will now reunite with her family in good health.

Prof Qazi Ehsan Ali (Chairman, Department of Anaesthesiology) with his team provided the patient with anaesthesia for the surgery.

“During the surgery, the patient’s Splenic Vein, the blood vessel that drains blood from the spleen was anastomosed or surgically connected to the left Renal Vein. It is a very rare surgery to connect the blood flow from bowel to the vein of kidney”, said Prof Habib Raza.

Dr Sadik Akhtar pointed out: “In such cases the vessels in the liver get blocked, stopping the proper flow of blood through the liver. As a result, high pressure in the portal system develops leading to the development of large, swollen veins or varices with potential life-threatening complications”.

“The treatment for this condition is available at a select few medical centres charging exorbitant fees in metropolitans, but at JNMC, people from lower income groups can get these rare surgeries done easily”, said Prof Azam Haseen.

Congratulating the team of surgeons, AMU Vice Chancellor, Prof Tariq Mansoor said that patients need not go to far-off places for such treatment as super-specialist facilities are being provided at JNMC.

He added that even after the Covid outbreak, rare surgical procedures have continued at JNMC.

“Chronic liver disease with portal hypertension is a debilitating condition and its surgery is complicated. But, advanced medical infrastructure, better communication, and easy access for follow-up visits attracts patients from across the state to get complex surgeries done at JNMC”, said Dr Rakesh Bhargava (Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Dr Shahid A Siddiqui (Principal JNMC).

Meanwhile, Priyanka, who will soon be discharged after full recovery, is adapting to post-operation life as she is busy receiving gifts of fruit baskets from relatives and friends.