Results of the meeting of the scientific section “Information Technologies and Engineering Creativity”

In the videoconference mode at the Physico-Technical Institute, a meeting of the section “Information Technologies and Engineering Creativity” was held in the framework of the 72nd scientific conference of students and young scientists of PetrSU.
The section meeting gathered about 50 participants, 18 students made reports. Some of the reports were the result of teamwork of freshmen within the discipline “Introduction to Engineering Creativity”, postponed to the fall semester due to the pandemic. The annual section “Creative projects of freshmen” was moved and merged with the section “Information technologies”, where senior students traditionally perform. As a result, junior students learned what senior students were doing, and, according to reviews, they were interested. And the senior students were pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and results of project activities in the first and second year.

Section results:

1 place:

The game “Snake” with a procedurally generated world (Timurziev Artur Muslimovich, 2nd year, bachelor);
Research of the synthesis route of complex functional blocks (Katin Aleksey Yurievich, 2 course, master’s degree).
2nd place:

The module for improving the usability of the electric kettle (and the audience award) (Stepan A. Poutanen, 2nd year, bachelor);
Clock with air moisture and temperature sensor (Nikita Kuvshinov, 2nd year, bachelor).
3rd place

Recommendations for the integration of devices of an industrial enterprise with “1C: Enterprise 8.3” (Baranovsky Alexander Vsevolodovich, 4th year, bachelor);
Creation of instructions for assembling the engine mold casting (Yushkova Oksana Aleksandrovna, 2nd year, undergraduate student).