RiiDL of Somaiya Vidyavihar, the first and only Community lab (DIY bio lab) in India becomes ‘Community Partner’ with Community Bio-Initiative of MIT.


Mumbai: The community bio initiative of MIT collaborates with RIIDL of Somaiya Vidyavihar (Research Innovation Incubation Design laboratory) for developing tools and technologies to enable the possible broadcast participation in biotechnology. Bio Riidl, India’s first DIY bio lab and bio-incubator supported by BIRAC-DBT, the government of India that supports innovators and entrepreneurs. The main objective of this collaboration is organizing various research projects and activities. The initiative would focus on projects that include the creation of low-cost enabling hardware, infrastructure for sharing and new interfaces for artistic expression with biology.

Gaurang Shetty, Chief innovation Catalyst, RiiDL said ” The reason that this was made possible was, that we share the same vision, we work for the community, our goal is to promote biotechnology and DIY bio culture which gives access to citizens to learn science without prior knowledge and its application in solving real-world problems without any barriers or apprehensions. This development encourages our team to work harder and achieve more milestones in the future. Today we are the only community lab (DIY bio lab) in India. Biotechnology is going to be the future and India should not be left behind’.