Rishi Prabhakar International Foundation launches Digital RCRT, an e-learning platform

Pune: Rishi Prabhakar International Foundation (RPIF) today launched Digital RCRT, an e-learning platform for students to upskill their learning capabilities. Murlidhar Mohol, Mayor of Pune inaugurated the virtual launch of the platform. Also present at the event were co-founders Digital RCRT Mrs Arundhati Rishi Prabhakar and Siddhant Rishi Prabhakar.

Digital RCRT is a Pune based e-learning start-up independently managed and developed by Siddhant Prabhakar. Rapid comprehension and Review Technique (RCRT), was originally developed by Late. Guruji Rishi Prabhakar (founder of Rishi Samskruti Vidya Kendra). Taking the concept ahead, his son, Siddhant Rishi Prabhakar is digitising the learning technique by making it available on the Digital RCRT platform.

RCRT is a self-learning technique that enables students to complete one subject of their syllabus in 8-10 days. Making learning versatile and effortless, this technique is backed by various scientific processes. It is helping students acquire an extra edge to hone important academic skills that they can acquire throughout their lifetime.

Launching the platform, Arundhati Rishi Prabhakar, co-founder – Digital RCRT, said: “We are elated to launch the digital version of our RCRT learning technique. Student growth has always been a matter of concern to us, and with COVID’s impact on the learning and education sector, we were furthermore encouraged to bring this effortless and quick learning technique to the digital platform. With the launch of Digital RCRT, our aim is to enable students to learn their syllabus on their own. We aspire to make students independent learners who can learn 100% of their syllabus in a short span.”

“We believe that every student has the potential to score well, making each academic year extremely vital for their development. With our physical RCRT course now available digitally, students shall not miss out on any valuable time for extra-curricular activities,” she added.

Educator and counsellor, Dr Swarup Dutta expresses, “RCRT brings about that much-needed shift from “Teacher centric” education to “student-centric” learning, where students are the decision-makers of what they want to learn thus making them creators of knowledge from mere absorbers of knowledge. Guruji has done phenomenal work in the field of education, particularly with schoolchildren and who better than Siddhant himself to take the vision of his great father forward through the Digital RCRT Program. I would recommend digital RCRT to students simply because I have personally witnessed the unbelievable pace at which children complete their entire syllabus and the confidence it stirs in them when they are able to retain and generate all that they have learnt with utmost perfection.”