Round Table India, Ladies Circle India with the Financial Support from Yahoo Inaugurated 4 Classrooms & 2 Toilet Blocks at Kattigenahalli Government High School, Bengaluru

Bengaluru : As a part of Round Table India’s vision of ‘Freedom Through Education’, an initiative to help create quality infrastructure in schools for underprivileged children, 3 Chapters of Round Table India (RTI) & Ladies Circle India (LCI) – Bangalore Round Table 07 (BRT 07), Bangalore North Round Table 25 (BNRT 25), Bangalore South Round Table 96 (BSRT 96), Bangalore Ladies Circle 19 (BLC 19), Bangalore North Ladies Circle 14 (BNLC14) & Bangalore South Ladies Circle 66 (BSLC 66) with the financial support from Yahoo has inaugurated 4 classrooms & 2 toilet blocks at the Kattigenahalli Government High School, Kovempu Nagar, Bengaluru. The total cost of the project is INR 57,00,000 (Fifty Seven Lakhs).


The classrooms were inaugurated by Shri Krishna Byre Gowda, MLA Byatarayanapura in the presence of Prasad Dhongadi and Subramaniyam Padmanabhan from Yahoo, Mrs Rukmaniyamma, Headmistress of the school, LCI National President Swapna Rajesh, RTI National Project Convener Tr. Rachit Bansal, Area 6 Chairman of Round Table India Tr. Sandesh, Area 6 Chairperson of Ladies Circle India Cr Nidhi Somani & other executives and members of RTI, LCI, Yahoo. Planning and construction work for this classroom began in January 2022 and was completed in June 2022. The project was monitored at all stages of construction by the Round Table India team.


The project is jointly funded by BRT 07, BNRT 25, BSRT 96, BLC 19, BNLC 14, BSLC 66 & Yahoo and includes complete classroom infrastructure inclusive of benches, fans, lights and board. All the partners will continue to work together to provide several holistic and innovative educational programs, which will positively impact over 325 students studying in this school. These classrooms were built under the Freedom Through Education (FTE), a national project of the Round Table India under which a total of over 7,500 classrooms have been built so far benefiting 7.9 million children across India with a total outlay of over 344 crore.


Mrs Rukmaniyamma, Headmistress of the school said, “On behalf of our students and faculty, I wish to whole-heartedly thank Round Table India, Ladies Circle India and Yahoo for giving my children these infrastructure facilities. The classrooms and the toilet blocks will make a whole world of difference to us as I believe a decent physical infrastructure will be the beginning of joyful learning experiences for my students. My sincere gratitude to all involved in the project.”


Mr. Prasad Dhongadi, Director Finance, Yahoo said, “We are happy to extend our support to Round Table India’s Freedom Through Education initiative in enabling learning for the underprivileged children across the remote parts of the country by building quality infrastructure in schools. These facilities will augment the educational needs of the needy students and support their holistic growth.”


While there are several community service projects being implemented concurrently by Round Table India across the country, ‘Freedom Through Education’ is the ongoing National project. The project aims to provide physical infrastructure to schools aimed at supporting the education of underprivileged children. The organisation is involved in building classrooms, toilets and providing other amenities like drinking water facility, library, science lab, playgrounds, etc to schools across the country that are catering to children from lesser privileged sections of the society.


“The best way to develop the future of our country is to strengthen the education system of our country under the premise that education is truly what creates social progress”, said Tr. Sandesh, Area 6 Chairman of RTI. “Round Table India has been working to provide education for the underprivileged children for over 20 years now. Since the realization of this goal, RTI has had many benefactors who have got associated with RTI to make the dream of ‘Education for All’ come true. I would like to thank Yahoo and all other generous donors who came forward to contribute and support us in this cause”