RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group founded IMI-Kolkata launches certificate programme in Family Business Management

Kolkata: International Management Institute-Kolkata, backed by the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, has launched a unique Post Graduate Certificate in Family Business Management (PGCFBM) programme, aimed to train the new generation of entrepreneurs to take their family business to the next level.

India is a strong emerging economy, where a majority of the businesses are family-owned and more than 70% of such businesses are in 2nd or 3rd generations of leadership. A survey reported that 89% of the family-owned businesses in India are expecting to grow aggressively or steadily in the next few years (Source: PWC India family business survey, 2019). This demands family businesses to upgrade their capabilities for optimum utilization of resources in order to sustain and grow in this changing environment.

The PGCFBM programme, will begin from November, 2021 and will be spread across six modules over a course of 11 months. Each module will take place for a week, separated by a gap of 6 weeks during which the participants can apply the theory learnt to their businesses. The modular structure provides a greater degree of flexibility that will enable participants to attend the programme while managing their businesses simultaneously.

Professor (Dr.) Mohua Banerjee said “The programme promises to provide a wonderful learning experience under the able guidance of highly acclaimed faculty members, corporate leaders and established entrepreneurs.”

Programme Director, Dr. Swapnarag Swain said, “This programme is unique in terms of flexible modular structure, mentorship support and international immersion.”


Participants of the programme will get mentored by the senior business leaders of RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, a leading business conglomerate in India. They will have the option to avail international immersion for 2 weeks, with the University of Paris, France for the much needed global exposure. This will involve 1 week of a visit to the University of Paris and 1 week of online lectures by the internationally acclaimed faculty members to get key perspectives of the internationalization of business. The course also includes four mandatory functional immersions in the areas of marketing, finance, HR and operations where participants will solve their critical issues in their businesses through a project-based learning approach.


India is known for some of the most vibrant family managed businesses such as Reliance, Tata, and Wipro etc. IMI Kolkata has formed this certificate program to keep the tradition alive wherein the current crop of family owners can be trained to professionally run their businesses.

The programme fee is competitive at 3.5 lakh only. More detail about the programme can be found at (https://admissions.imi-k.edu.in/pgcfbm/) or by calling at +91 8296990403 / 9830214814.