RUDN: RUDN University is in 4th place in terms of the number of entries in the TOP-10 of the “Expert” ranking

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia is represented in all 16 subject rankings and in five out of six subject profiles of the Expert Analytical Center ranking. RUDN University showed the best results in the following areas: “Ecology” and “Agriculture and Biological Sciences” — 1st place. “Mathematics”, “Chemistry”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Renewable Energy” are in the TOP — 5 subject ranking. In total, 152 universities were ranked in 2022 (137 in 2021).
The ranking evaluates Russian universities solely on scientometric indicators. The calculation is made on four aggregated groups of indicators: the quality of growth, scale, demand and superiority. This year, RUDN University has strengthened its position among the leaders of the ranking in “Ecology” — 1st place. In 2022, the section “Agriculture” was added to the ranking, where RUDN University takes the 1st place.

RUDN University has improved its positions in the following areas and sections:
Mathematics — 2nd-3rd place (4th place in 2021);
Chemistry — 3rd-5th place (4th-7th place in 2021);
Renewable Energy — 4th-5th place (7th-8th place in 2021);
Humanities — 6th place (7th place in 2021);
Geosciences — 7th-8th place (14th place in 2021);
Power engineering — 8th place (9-11th place in 2021).
Also, the university is represented in the rankings “Social Sciences” (6th place), “Management” (6-7th place), “Computer Science” (7th place), “Economics” (9-11th place), “Chemical Technologies” (10-11th place), “Life Sciences” (10-12th place), “Medicine” (12th place), “Engineering Sciences” (16th place), “Materials Science” and “Physics and Astronomy” (17-18th place) and sections “Artificial Intelligence” (4th place), “Biochemistry” (14th place), and “Fuel” (27-30th place).