RUDN: Students have the same information as New York investors

Even in Ancient Babylon, they taught financial literacy. Modern market is open for investment. A student can learn this during breaks between lectures — Nikita Emelyanov, Director of the department for work with shares of Sistema Capital AM, is sure of that.
April 22, 20 RUDN students — economists, ecologists and PR specialists learned how to become successful investors and where to start studying the market at the master class “Modern approach to stock portfolio management” by Nikita Emelyanov, Director of the department for work with shares of Sistema Capital Asset Management Company.

“A private investor has a privilege that most professionals do not enjoy — the opportunity to buy long-term assets without the fear of losing jobs if the market is not very favorable in the short term,” says Nikita Emelyanov.
5 basic investing rules from Nikita Emelyanov:
1. Invest in what you understand.
Find a fund whose investment strategy is close to you and invest most of your money there. Invest the remaining money in shares of those companies whose business you understand and like. This approach will provide you with quite a good investment return and satisfy your desire to manage money yourself, while your investment portfolio will reflect your life values.

2. Bidding data is available to everyone
If before, you could find the data on the auctions only the next day in the newspapers, now everything happens in real time. Students who want to trade between lectures have the same information as New York investors.

3. Don’t chase super profits
If you invest in the stock market, your long-term target is 10% per year (in USD). You can also expect a result above 10%, provided you have favorable circumstances and / or high skills. However, you should not overestimate your own expertise, since even the greatest investors do not get above 20% over the long term.

4. Try to think like other investors
If you want to buy stocks because they “look inexpensive,” think about what is in the minds of those investors who are selling these stocks to you. They have the same information before as you, but based on it, they made the opposite decision. Why? Where are they going wrong?

5. Try to be one step ahead of the rest
Carefully study companies and investor behavior and over time you will understand what is inherent in stock prices right now. All you will have to do then is to take one step and understand what investors will think tomorrow and take a corresponding position.

“I have been on the market for less than a year, but in the future I would like to work in Investor relations, so I attend master classes of Sistema investment company. Although my major at university does not imply a lot of finance, I have already done research on how to promote the market among new clients and I have identified two functions for myself — education and modernization of the investment structure. I study everything on my own, but now there is no lack of sources, like online universities from brokers, it’s just a matter of desire,” says Tatyana Repina, 2nd- year student of Advertising and Public Relations, RUDN Institute of World Economy and Business.

“Knowing how securities work and what is popular in the economy during crisis, you can make money. Nikita Emelyanov spoke about the efficient market theory and types of analysis. I was surprised that US analysts overestimate companies that are now on the buzz. I was mostly impressed by the fundamental type of analysis — the world is so interesting that it is difficult not to know what is happening around. The master class convinced that no one is born an analyst, you can only become one,” says Valeria Bulanova, 3rd- year student of Economics, Faculty of Economics.

How to join the Sistema Capital team
Nikita Emelyanov: “Doubt all the dogmas you hear, and do not hesitate to ask questions. Curiosity is good, especially in junior positions. Curious people ask uncomfortable questions to those who sometimes do not know the answer themselves. What is also important is openness to the world, free creative thinking and mathematical mindset. ”

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