RUDN: Students of RUDN Engineering Academy are the winners of the industrial Hackathon of the student week “Mosprom studweek”

During the “Mosprom studweek”, the results of an industrial hackathon on solving applied technical problems of Mosprom were summed up. 23 teams, 115 participants from 7 universities of Moscow competed in solving technical cases. RUDN University was represented by four teams of the Engineering Academy. The winner was “Champion’s Breakfast”, the team of 3rd year students of the Department of Mechanics and Control Processes. 5 students -winners were invited to an internship at the State Space Research and Production Center named after M.V. Khrunichev.
The winners of the championship presented the case “Development of a propulsion system for a micro- and mini- class spacecraft” given by the State Space Research and Production Center named after M.V. Khrunichev.

The Engineering Academy students on participation in the Hackathon:
“A Hackathon is an opportunity to get to know an employer. We were able to apply the knowledge gained at RUDN Engineering Academy in practice, solve a real problem, and communicate with a company representative. I am glad that we have won and got the opportunity to do an internship with the prospect of further employment. I was delighted to see that the case from the Khruhichev Space Centre was exactly our specialty. I am sure that we surprised everyone, as we carried out a ballistic analysis of the task, compared the options for solving the problem, and, most importantly, satisfied the customer,” Maya Osipova, team captain.

“It is real teamwork, when you and your colleagues work hard on a common cause for two days. You share responsibilities, you cooperate, you create. Moreover, in such conditions, you manage to better understand yourself and note those qualities that still need working on,” Alexander Mironov.

“Hackathon is a unique project. Where you can reveal your abilities and express yourself. You may also meet interesting people, learn new things about large companies and enterprises, take one more step towards determining your future profession. Thanks to this event, my team became even more united and we got to know each other. I’m sure we’ll definitely come back next time,” Sofia Smirnova

“This is not my first hackathon, but one of the most interesting, as I was able to already in the chosen field and consolidate university knowledge in practice. Another benefit is the provision of computers and assistance from a company representative,” Ekaterina Borovikova.

“It was my first time participating in hackathon. We have a very friendly team, we have known each other for a long time and managed to work together. After the announcement of the cases, as soon as we received the task, we immediately started brainstorming, quickly distributing the tasks. We had very little time and the task was difficult, so we kept working non-stop for two days. It was interesting and productive, we honed our existing skills and gained new ones. The event was organized at a high level. The specialists of the companies actively helped us and answered every question,” Olesya Khozhainova.