“Russia and Greece: Dialogues of Cultures”

The VI International Conference in memory of Professor T.G. Malchukova “Russia and Greece: Dialogues of Cultures”, organized by the Department of Classical Philology, Russian Literature and Journalism of the Institute of Philology of PetrSU.
O.G. Abramova, Director of the Institute of Philology of PetrSU, emphasized the value of a scientific event held in difficult conditions, drawing attention to the importance of international cooperation.

O.D. Alexandropoulou, Chairman of the Department of Russian Philology and Slavic Studies, Athens State University. I. Kapodistrias, said that the expansion of the scientific dialogue between Russia and the Greek world, in particular, interuniversity cooperation, which is successfully and excitingly developing with the Department of Classical Philology, Russian Literature and Journalism of PetrSU, inspires special hopes. O.D. Alexandropoulou mentioned the invaluable contribution of T.S. Borisova and E.P. Litinskaya.

N. Evseenko, Assistant for Cultural Affairs of the Consul General of Greece in St. Petersburg, congratulated on behalf of the Consul General Mr. S. Voulgaris on the beginning of the conference, mentioned the name of prof. T.G. Malchukova, “a unique person, whose name is equated with the Greek studies of Petrozavodsk.” N. Evseenko noted the relevance of the topic of this conference, pointing out that “we observe such a great and genuine interest in relations between Greece and Russia, relations that go back centuries, having so many points of contact.”

M.E. Mazmanova, a representative of the Greek diaspora in Petrozavodsk, noted the importance of developing Greek-Russian ties and assured of support for joint projects.

As you know, 2019 was declared the Cross Year of the Literatures of Russia and Greece, and 2021 – the Cross Year of the History of the two countries. 2021 is a jubilee year for Russia in connection with the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of F.M.Dostoevsky, for Greece in connection with the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek struggle for independence. The conference coincided with such significant events for our countries, which were reflected in the topics of the speeches of the conference participants.

The purpose of the scientific event – understanding the millennial interaction of the cultures of Russia and Greece – brought together scientists from Petrozavodsk, Moscow, Athens, Saratov, Simferopol, who presented reports on history, literature, culture, translation studies.

Within the framework of the conference, a presentation of the collective monograph “Dostoevsky and Antiquity” took place, dedicated to the Teacher and Mentor Tatyana Georgievna Malchukova. The authors of the study were also scientists from Petrozavodsk: A.Yu. Nilova, A.A. Skoropadskaya, E.L. Smirnova, E.S. Kuikina, E.K. Agapitova, I.O. Manina, E.P. Litinskaya.

Students of the first, second and third years of the “Classical Philology” direction, having become listeners of the sections, plunged into the intellectual atmosphere of scientific dialogue.

The participants and listeners of the conference noted the high level of organization of the event, the content and usefulness of scientific presentations and expressed their hope for the discussion in face-to-face format.


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