XXXIII Congress of the Eurasian Association of Trade Universities

The grand opening of the Congress of the Eurasian Association of Trade Union Organizations of Universities took place in the conference hall of the Dagos University. The main theme of the congress is “The role of university trade union organizations in the implementation of legal regulation of labor relations and increasing the social security of the collective in a pandemic.” The work of the Congress was opened by the President of EAPOU Igor Borisovich Kotlobovsky. The rector of DGU Murtazali Khulataevich Rabadanov made a welcoming speech.
The Congress was attended by representatives of 47 universities from 7 CIS countries – Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova.

Dudin Vadim Nikolaevich – Deputy Chairman of the All-Russian Trade Union of Education, Kerget Igor Leonidovich – Vice-President of EAPOU, Slobodzian Anastasia Olegovna – Chairman of the trade union organization of students of the Pridnestrovian State University, Vasiliev Vladimir Alexandrovich – member of the Supervisory Board of EAPOU (Republic of Chuvash ).

On behalf of Petrozavodsk State University at the congress, the chairman of the trade union organization of university workers T.Yu. Kuchko.

On International Teachers’ Day, the delegates of the congress laid flowers at the monument to the Russian teacher. On October 7, 2021, delegates to the XXXIII Congress congratulated Dagestan State University on its 90th anniversary.

After hearing and discussing the report of the President of EAPOU I.B. Kotlobovsky, speeches of the chairmen of trade union committees of employees and students of universities of the countries – members of the Association, the delegates of the congress stated that the relevance and importance of the issues discussed at the congress of the Eurasian Association of Trade Union Organizations of Universities confirms the need for fruitful cooperation of the Association with the branch trade unions of education of the EAPOU member countries, trade union federations, with The Eurasian Association of Universities and the Russian Union of Rectors.

Trade union organizations of universities have accumulated significant experience in concrete work on social support of labor collectives during a pandemic. The participants of the congress noted that the new conditions for the organization of work led to the digitalization of many processes, in particular, on the provision of material support and the admission of new members to the Trade Union. New forms of implementation of social programs have been developed, while their volumes have increased significantly.

The delegates of the congress noted that a serious study of the legal regulation of the issues of the work of teachers and scientists in remote mode is required, in particular, the issues of rationing and labor protection, the calculation of the pedagogical load.

There is a need for joint efforts with the leadership of universities to raise awareness about the need for vaccination, especially among students.

The XXXIII Congress of the EAPOU passed resolutions on the further development of information work as a method of management and exchange of experience; active use of social networks in the information work of trade union organizations as a tool for informing and training union members; on the development of the practice of organizing online discussions between congresses.