RWTH: RWTH student team AixSense successful in the international SensUs competition

RWTH students Jiayi He, Daniyar Kizatov, Anshul Prashar and Shunjiro Sodei participated as the AixSense team in the SensUs student competition and took second place for the analytical performance of their sensor. The competition is supported by the European Institute of Technology Health and has been organized annually by the Eindhoven University of Technology since 2016.

The goal is always the development of biosensors for medical problems, so far the focus has been on biomarkers for kidney failure, heart failure, antibiotic resistance, rheumatism and epilepsy. This year, 14 student teams worldwide worked for six months on biosensors for the detection of the influenza A virus in saliva samples. The Aachen team was again led by Professor Sven Ingebrandt and Dr. Vivek Pachauri from the Institute for Materials in Electrical Engineering 1. Among other things, the students were able to use the institute’s laboratories and clean room facilities. The main component of their development are microchips for the electronic detection of biomarkers.

Team leader Daniyar Kizatov, student in the master’s degree in electrical engineering, information technology and technical informatics specializing in computer engineering, explains: “The Aachen team has never been so close to winning the most important category. It was very close and we are proud of our performance ”.

Other categories of the competition were creativity, concept transferability and public inspiration. In the coming year it will be about the detection of cytokines, which as proteins play a key role in the immune system. “