Scholastic India expands into edtech world with Scholastic Super English, targets academic excellence by building language skills

New Delhi: Scholastic India, the country’s largest publisher of children’s books and a leader in educational technology and children’s media has recently introduced a comprehensive Language Improvement Programme for kids of grades 3 to 8. The newly introduced online programme offers interactive live classes in small batches of up to 6 students conducted by experienced coaches, based on a scientific learning methodology to provide an engaging peer learning experience to every child.

English, indisputably, is the world’s most widely used and commonly spoken language today. Arguably, it is the common language of communication across a plethora of fields, from business and finance to travel and entertainment. A good command of the language will set children on a path to guaranteed academic excellence and consequently, career success. With a 100 year legacy in education, Scholastic understands the need for developing language proficiency in the next generation.

Delighted with the launch, Neeraj Jain, M.D – ScholasticIndia says, “Children who master the art of comprehension, oral and written communication are better-prepared to articulate their ideas, exhibit critical thinking and problem-solving skills, show empathy toward others and constructively resolve a conflict. We, at Scholastic, are committed to help children develop these skills for life and readiness for the workplace”

Scholastic Super English goes beyond the traditional classroom environment that lacks in fostering a personalized and ability-based learning experience. Additionally, in Tier B and Tier C cities especially, skilled English language resources are rare. Thus, the programme brings together a unique blend of research-based content, par excellence teaching expertise and modern technology.

The programme equips children to compare, contrast, evaluate, understand, and classify information. With every new task and assignment, they are encouraged to think critically, be more curious and use their creative imagination. Integrated activity-based learning modules help not just strengthen grammar and vocabulary skills but also provide developing children an all-round personality grooming and help them be more socially confident, self-aware and empathetic.

Commenting on the launch, the parents of Scholastic Super English student AakashneilMehra, say, ‘’I observed that he is enjoying the way you are teaching them words through Pictionary, and the questions that you ask. The course is helping him build his language strategically and innovatively.’’

85% parents have re-registered their wards for the next module after observing perceptible differences in their child’s language proficiency as well as general aptitude.


This programme is developed strategically to cater to the diverse learning abilities of children. It consists of four different modules of 30 sessions each that serve as graduating levels from beginner to advanced. Each student undertakes a simple computer adaptive test to ensure that batches are assigned to different students as per their current language abilities.


The programme features top coaches of India’s best schools who are adept at assessing every child’s unique learning needs and help them reach their maximum potential. They create a fun and supportive environment to encourage students to talk freely, give their opinions and also address their doubts and questions.

In the age of digital learning, Scholastic Super English provides a seamless learning experience to students. Enrolling for the programme is extremely easy and effortless. Aspirants appear for a simple test, get assigned to a batch and attend bi-weekly classes to achieve advanced proficiency.

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