Schoolnet and EnglishHelper launch ReadToMe® across 90,000 schools of Maharashtra

Mumbai: Schoolnet, a unique and a leading edtech company that provides technology-based education services to schools, today announced that they have partnered with EnglishHelper to launch ReadToMe® in 90,000 schools across Maharashtra. ReadToMe® is an AI powered technology that enables multisensory reading of curriculum prescribed in English. EnglishHelper is an Impact First Social Enterprise committed to using technology to enable people from across the world to achieve their desired level of English proficiency.


The program was first introduced in Maharashtra on a pilot basis in 2014, across 125 schools in Aurangabad. The solution received a resounding response from students and was found to be very effective. This prompted a larger-scale implementation across 3720 schools, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in 2016. By 2018, independent assessments conducted confirmed that students exposed to the program had improved their English reading and comprehension significantly. Thereafter, the Government of Maharashtra approved expansion of the program to 90,000 schools.


Some of the key highlights of ReadToMe® include:

1. It is the only technology that supports multi-sensory reading and comprehension of prescribed English textbooks.

2. It can be used by teachers in class during normal school periods to teach English textbooks.

3. It is location agnostic, as students can also download ReadToMe® on Android devices to practice reading their English textbooks from anywhere.


Schoolnet and EnglishHelper are working in tandem with the Regional Academic Authority, Aurangabad, along with the District Institute for Education and Training (DIETS) to implement ReadToMe® across the state. The first wave of training teachers to use ReadToMe® was launched on 25th October 2021, and has since then been accessed by over 100,000 teachers and more than 150,000 students.


Commenting on the initiative, Mr RCM Reddy, Managing Director, Schoolnet India Ltd. said, “The pandemic has had a significant positive impact on students’ reading ability. ReadToMe®’s multi-sensory software that help students in reading and comprehending English textbooks seamlessly, is today the need of the hour. We are committed to providing an equal opportunity to all students, irrespective of their economic background. Through the initiative, we aim to reach out to every student across Maharashtra.”


Adding his thoughts, Mr Sanjay Gupta, Global CEO, EnglishHelper, said, “This project is the result of a terrific collaboration between public and private stakeholders. The program will reach each school and every student across the state because of the tremendous support from education officials, principals and teachers.”


The program is the first large scale example of ‘digital integration’ – and in leveraging AI technology in class by teachers to teach a prescribed curriculum. Further, the initiative also helps students at home to revise and practice English reading.