Science Outreach Centre of Institute of Life Sciences inaugurated by Odisha Governor

Bhubaneswar: Science has proved its capability of bringing about far reaching changes to the society, said Governor Dr. S.C. Jamir, inaugurating Science Outreach Centre of the Institute of Life Sciences in its Campus II at Bhubaneswar.
Science and Technology has enormous potential in alleviating poverty and in brining difference to health, environment and energy security. Food security of India is closely related to development of technologies for increasing the agriculture outputs through process innovations for land saving and water use. To achieve optimal health for the people, we have unique challenges due to our large population, demographic transition and vulnerability to all epidemics. Biomedical devices and instrumentation also deserve serious attention. Water challenge is a major national issue in the country both in terms of quality and availability. In view of this, India needs to stimulate and strengthen its entire eco-system – the formal scientific and industrial system, as well as the innovation eco-system – to develop solutions for the country’s agenda of faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth, Governor added.
There is a realization worldwide that public understanding of science is an important dimension for introducing and reaching the benefits of modern science and technology to the people, Governor observed.
While science is vital to the development of human beings, the role of communication in bridging the gap between science and the ordinary people cannot be undermined. Unfortunately, there is a considerable distance between science and the masses. Most ordinary people look upon science with either awe or fear. Under such circumstances, effective science communication and outreach can go a long way in bringing people closer to science – Governor opined.
Governor appreciated the establishment of science outreach centre and hoped that the centre will create scope for reaching to and communicating with different stakeholders of the society.
Dr. Ajay Parida, Director Institute of Life Sciences, Former Director Dr. B. Ravindran, Menakshi Munishi, Advisor, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, V.V. Yadav, Secretary, Science and technology, Government of Odisha, Dr. S.P. Das, Director, SVNIRTAR and Dr. Ashok Das, V.C. Utkal University spoke on the occasion about the role of science in common man’s life.