Scientific seminar “Andrey Bely and the culture of the Silver Age”

The scientific seminar “Andrei Bely and the culture of the Silver Age” was prepared by the Andrei Bely Memorial Apartment and the Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences. M. Gorky (Moscow). Scientists from the Russian Federation took part in the seminar.
October 14, Head of the Department of Germanic Philology, Doctor of Philology. n. N.G. Sharapenkova, Art. teacher, graduate student I.V. Chepurina, as well as Iolanta Sukhotskaya, a fourth-year student of the Institute of Philology, took part in the work of the regular scientific seminar “Andrei Bely and the Culture of the Silver Age”, prepared by the Andrei Bely Memorial Apartment and the IMLI RAS. M. Gorky.

This time there was a speech by D.M. Segala (Jerusalem) “Why and when I fell in love with Andrei Bely’s novel” Moscow “and never stopped loving him.”

The prominent scientist, luminary of philology, immersed the audience both in this complex work that laid the foundations of ornamental prose – the novel “Moscow” by Andrei Bely, and recreated his own Moscow, where he was born and lived for a long time. D.M. Segal gave his vision of the individual manner of the Russian writer and symbolist poet, who in this last novel was able to recreate “living” Moscow in sounds, smells, and a special atmosphere.

The scientist’s report aroused genuine interest of listeners (prominent researchers of the Silver Age culture and the work of Andrei Bely) from the Russian Federation and various countries of Western Europe and the United States.

The seminar ended with a discussion of the speech, a kind of round table devoted to the interpretation of this unfairly neglected novel “Moscow” and the possible transposition of the text in the language of theater and cinema (N.G. Sharapenkova). The question caused a different reaction, but, as noted by D.M. Segal, the idea itself – the ability to create a script based on the novel – can be developed.

There must be a genius of the level of Sun. Meyerhold to recreate “Moscow” on the theater stage,

– emphasized M.L. Spivak (director of the Andrei Bely Memorial Apartment), who spoke about her summer trip to places associated with Andrei Bely.

She noted the special gift of the writer – the ability to recreate with a pen a certain idea of ​​a place, while drawing realistically precisely all its main dominants. In addition, the question was raised about the work on the preparation of an academic (scientific) reprint of the novel “Moscow”.

The workshop will continue.