Seasonal clothing collection. “FASHION 2021” from PetrSU students

Demonstration and discussion of clothing models developed by second-year students (direction of training “Pedagogical education”, profile “Primary education and education in the subject area of ​​English”), was held in English.

A small fashion show of clothing models that were designed for students took place on November 20, 2020 at the final stage of work on the topic “Clothes. Fashion” before switching to distance learning.

Students of this training profile – future primary school and English language teachers – master a large number of different academic disciplines, in the second year these are disciplines such as “Technique of Teaching Technology” and “Methods of Teaching Fine Arts”, where they learn to draw, make applications, model …

The first stage of work was the creation of their own seasonal clothing collection. The students were divided into four groups (2-3 people), each group chose one season (winter, spring, summer, autumn) and developed their own clothing models in accordance with the chosen season. While working on the seasonal collection, students could not only apply the skills and abilities acquired in the course of studying the subjects, but also show their creativity.

The students approached this task responsibly and creatively, created interesting and original models in different techniques. At the second stage, they prepared a detailed description of their collection in English using thematic vocabulary and acted in the class as the moderators of the fashion show. After the presentation of each collection, a discussion of the models and an exchange of views took place.