Selfstudy launches a new game changerapp ‘Revision cum Test Package’ for JEE, Neet and AIIMS enthusiasts


New Delhi: Selfstudy is one of the fastest growing Ed-tech company in India with more than 1 Lakh downloads in a very short span of time has launched another new application as ‘Selfstudy Revision Cum Test Package’ in Entrance Exam Preparation segment on September 17, 2018 with the motive to give freedom from stress and revising from bulky books or notes. The contents of this revision package has been developed with continuous efforts and hard work of Industry Experts from IIT & NEET backgrounds. On the basis of feedbacks received from students and parents Selfstudy’s this Revision cum Test Package is proving to be a game changer in JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, NEET & AIIMS preparation. The package includes 250+ infographics Flash Charts for revising concepts and formulae, 150+ Tests for practice and is available at a price of INR 1999 for 12 months (INR 2 per Flash Chart & INR 10 per Test).

Persainjit Singh, Co-Founder (Selfstudy), quoted, “Preparing for NEET Exam for the students was never this easy ever before, with Selfstudy’s Revision Cum Test Package. Earlier a student who used to invest a lot of time in making key notes and searching for good questions to practice is now saved. A student will be able to utilize more and more of his/her time into studies. Their chance of selection in NEET 2019 has certainly increased multiple folds.”

Features of Selfstudy Test Series cum Revision Package:

· Based on updated pattern from National Test Agency (NTA).

· Works on ‘Revise & Practice’ methodology.

· Easy to operate & directive UI/UX

· Refer & earn from Quizzes and Referral Codes.

· Costs INR 5 per day.

· Records every click & tick and uses AI based model to analyze a student’s performance.

· Let’s the student know about their Accuracy, Time Spent per Question, Bifurcated Score for Easy, Medium & Hard Questions.

· Solutions with detailed explanation are available for every question whether attempted correctly or incorrectly.

· Subject wise summary of attempted tests.

Features of Flash Charts:

· 250+ Flash Chart covering every single concept in brief.

· Based on the concept of Micro Learning.

· Helpful in revising concept in a glance.

· Concise & effective.

· Designed in ‘Learn with Fun’ manner.

· Includes all formulae & important key notes.

· Copyrighted Content.

· General Price INR 2700

Features of Test Series:

· 150+ Tests covering questions from every single concept.

· Separated Chapter Level Tests, Part Tests, and Full Tests on updated pattern by NTA.

· Includes Test specifically designed for Engineering &Medical Entrance Exam Aspirants.

· Every Test is supported with Detailed Solutions and in depth analysis to let the student understand their weaknesses and lagging.

· Any Test can be reattempted after a certain period of time.

· While taking tests questions can be bookmarked, skipped, reported as an error.