Sesame Workshop – India’s Hindi YouTube channel for kids lines up series of engaging summer content

New Delhi : Sesame Workshop – India, the local Indian arm of Sesame Workshop, the internationally renowned non-profit media and educational organization behind the iconic US children’s television show Sesame Street is geared up to unpack a surprise mix of edutainment content featuring children’s favourite muppet characters – Elmo, Chamki, Cookie Monster and many more. Following the successful launch of its premium content, Sesame Workshop – India’s Hindi YouTube channel brings in a range of popular summer content to engage with children and families.

With the new norm of stay-at-home, remote working, school closures, social distance, lack of play opportunities has resulted in digital content consumption by children and families like never before. This has also led to a need for fun & sensitive child-age appropriate content that can be watched with families. Sesame Workshop – India’s new lineup of Chamki Ke Best Friends and Imagine & Makeon its Hindi YouTube channel not just offers entertainment to children but also reassures parents of the content appropriateness while giving families some interesting strategies to navigate through this stressful time & keep a sense of calm at home.

Experts in child-care and development at Sesame Workshop – India believe that the best way for children and parents to cope under these circumstances is by implementing the 3 Rs – Routine, Regulation and Reassurance and “Chamki Ke Best Friends” is targeted to help parents understand the following:

  • Why it is important today to maintain healthy routines that are wholesome yet flexible & how can these be implemented.
  • How can parents help children manage their big feelings by having healthy conversations and helping them feel safe.
  • Children tend to act out their stress as they don’t know how to express it but parents can help children regulate their behaviour with some very interesting and doable strategies.

In addition to the Chamki Ke Best Friends, the newly launched Imagine & Make series presents to young audience fun playful Do-It-Yourself videos putting their imagination to play to create beautiful new things from items easily available at home. Also, pushing the staying healthy at home mantra, the Hindi YouTube channel is bringing a fun way to get you moving from your sedentary routine to a little more action with Monster Yoga.

Commenting on the launch of the new content on its Hindi YouTube channel, Sonali Khan, Managing Director, Sesame Workshop – India said that “Caregivers and parents are today struggling to find ways to explain to children about the situation, in a way that is simple and easy to comprehend by them. In order to support families achieve this, we have invested in curating a series of videos that will enable them to handle the challenges thrown in by the new normal in a healthier & appropriate way.

Khan further added “while children benefit from the entertaining stories, the new range of content also helps parents find support and strategies to support children socially and emotionally as well as themselves.”

The level of stress is far higher amongst caregivers of vulnerable families and in a time like today, they can be well supported with free to watch educational yet engaging content in Hindi. Sesame Workshop – India has been supporting the educational & social-emotional needs of children and parents since the pandemic began and probably that’s the reason why the channel has garnered 28 million views since its re-launch from a few months ago.

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