Shanti Juniors unveils new brand identity with revamped logo

The new logo highlights the values of ‘care’, ‘randomness of a child’ and ‘immense happiness’ while providing a fresh and clean look with children's favourite mascot—Sheon


Ahmedabad : Shanti Juniors, a leading national chain of pre-primary schools under the aegis of Shanti Educational Initiatives Limited (SEIL), today unveiled its new brand identity with the launch of its revamped logo. The new logo represents its core values of care, happiness and encouraging randomness in kids.

The new logo also highlights Shanti Juniors’ emergence as a trusted partner to parents and a force that will drive the preschool kids to adapt to the ever-evolving world.

The new logo has been designed to work effortlessly across digital and physical channels and highlights the face of the mascot–Sheon with an enhanced facial expression indicating happiness. Sheon is placed on a die-cut rectangle to show the balance between discipline & exploration. The word ‘Juniors’ is highlighted with thicker uniform fonts with chalk effect and randomness of fonts shows Shanti Juniors’ acceptance for different specialities in a child.


On the occasion of the new logo launch, Mr Dharmesh Kapasi, President, Shanti Juniors said, “The brand name is our legacy, and it is very close to the Chiripal Family—the founders of SEIL. We wanted the revamped logo to highlight our values while giving it a fresh and clean look with children’s favourite mascot—Sheon—flaunting in it. Changing our logo has been a big decision, but that is what we want our children to learn—adaptability. Change is constant, and we keep doing daring things and performing out of our comfort zone. Children learn from us and we consider them as our best judges.”

“We keep on evolving our curriculum with the pace of children’s curiosity and approach. Every child is different and has a different interest. Preschools play a vital role in nurturing the hunger of the children of the present era and few brands amongst us have raised the bar in early education,” he added.

He further said, “We need to zoom out and see things differently. It is time to join the dots, which identifies the child’s personality and lead them to their successful career and progressive life. Instead, few preschool brands are focusing on discounts and offer in fees. Parents need a good education for their children and that is why preschools have come into existence. For a child, we need customisation, attention and making their childhood a celebration that gives them their best first memories of education, which in turn helps them embrace their upcoming academic tenure gracefully.”