Sharda University gracefully concludes its Three-day Mega Fest ‘Media Mela 2k19’

New Delhi: Department of Mass communication, Sharda University witnessed the presence of prominent media personalities during its three day, annual, Mega Media Fiesta 2019. ‘Media Mela’, which is an astounding bonanza of cultural harmony entered into its final day on 5th April, where the university witnessed famous dignitaries from media organizations like the deputy Editor and anchor of Aaj Tak channel, Mr. Sayeed Ansari and Mr. Raghwesh Asthana, a successful and seasoned professional in various fields like Direction, Brand Building, etc.

The theme for this year’s Media Mela is ‘Peace and Harmony’, promoting the inner communitarian in all of us. Keeping in mind the coming-up general elections of 2019, the university is also promoting the ideals of a Free and Fair Elections, amongst the youth. ‘Media Mela 2k19’ is constantly urging its participants and audience members to ‘vote’ without a doubt.

The day started with ‘Turn the coat’ competition where the participants were required to speak on the spot, in favor or against a specific topic for a minute. Students from different departments and universities took an energetic part in the discourse enthusiastically. Other competitions like ‘Piece to Camera’ and ‘Photo contest’ under the theme ‘Peace, Harmony and Elections’ were organized that was actively taken part in with a large number entries to judge from.

The audiences thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. The cultural programme that followed put forth a grand opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and skills. Young entrepreneurs of the department had put up quite interesting and interactive ‘gaming’ stalls for everyone’s recreation that was enjoyed by the faculty, guests, students and everyone was welcomed.

On April 3rd, the annual media fest of the dept. Mass communication observed a grand opening with famous radio jockey, ‘Mirchi Murga’ Fame RJ Naved and prominent film makers such as Anwar Jamal and Pavan K. Chauhan.

On the Second day of the fest, mass communication department observed the grand success of the Blood Donation Drive organized for the first time, ever since the media festivals inception. The fest observed media personalities such as ‘Mrs. Shailja Naqvi’ who got 12 years of experience in media under her belt, and Padma Shri recipient, ‘Bhajan Sapori’ who is a classical Indian instrumentalist.

During the course of the Media Fest, a variety of competitions were held and, in totality, more than 270 entries were received from prestigious media institutions across the nation.

The winner of the ‘photography exhibition’ was ‘Vikash Kumar’, Dept. Mass communication, SU, with ‘Deepanshu Kainthola’, Dept. Mass communication, SU as the runner up. ‘Afnan Khan’, School of engineering technology, SU bagged the first prize in the ‘Turn coat’ competition with ‘Aditi Jaiswal’, Dept. Mass communication, SU, receiving the second prize. The ‘piece to camera’ competition witnessed ‘Aprajita Anushree’ bagging the first and ‘Prema Priyadarshani’ as the runner up, from dept. Mass Communication, SU. ‘Siddharth and Carlos’ came 1st in the ‘media quiz’ with ‘Anirudh and Tejashi’ falling short to come second, both, from the dept. Mass communication, SU. ‘Ajay Gupta, Akhya Aggarwal and Avinash Kumar Sinha’ collectively won the ‘ADmad’ competition. ‘Neha Parihar’ from Xavier’s, Mumbai and ‘Jagannath Mohanty’ from ‘FTII Odisha’ came 1st and 2nd in the ‘Film making’ competition, respectively.

The closing ceremony marked the official conclusion of the festival. Hon. Vice Chancellor, Prof. G.R.C. Reddy, Dean, Dept. Mass Communication, Prof. R.M. Mehra, the HoD, Dr. Amit Chawla and our eminent guest for today, Mr. Sayeed Ansari were present. The chief guest welcomed questions from the house and the answers definitely encouraged all the students.

The media festival was concluded with high spirits. The event was a huge learning curve for everyone with the ideals of a ‘Free and Fair Election’, along with ‘Peace and Harmony’ and the made the festival a huge success. The fest stood up to its reputation and the expectations of its attendees, leaving them asking for more. Without a doubt, the next ‘Media Mela’ is already much awaited.