Shiv Nadar School Students Write to the Mayor of Municipal Corporation to Clear Garbage Heaps in City


Delhi: Keeping in tandem with the recent Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s, ‘Swachchta Hi Seva’ drive, the teachers and students of Shiv Nadar School Faridabad (a not-for-profit initiative of the Shiv Nadar Foundation in K12 education) recently met the mayor of Municipal Corporation of Faridabad and submitted a letter of request to clean the garbage heaps and plastic waste across the various localities of Faridabad. Distressed by the growing environmental threat posed by plastic, the school has taken the onus of becoming a ‘No Polythene and One-Time-Plastic Use Free’ Zone.

Faridabad has been earmarked to become one of the smart cities of India as per the Government of India. However, just like any other city in the country, it too has a serious garbage problem. Given this, the Grade 5 students from the Junior Student Council of the School, in their letter expressing concern, highlighted an urgent need to clean the garbage dumps in areas like Sector 12 Bypass Road, below Bata Flyover, NIT 3 (Circle), Hardware Chowk and Tikona Park, among others. The request was accompanied by a presentation comprising photographs of garbage dumps in these areas to highlight the issue.

The Shiv Nadar School aims to create a fine balance between academic excellence as well as emotional and social development of all students. The school undertakes various programs and initiatives on a regular basis aimed at helping students become responsible citizens of the country.