Siberian Federal University: Areg Demirkhanov’s unique archive was presented at SibFU

On 13 September 2021, an exhibition of Areg Demirkhanov’s authorial heritage was opened at Siberian Federal University. It features watercolour paintings, personal items, souvenirs, photographs and several sculptural portraits of the prominent architect.

Areg Demirkhanov’s works have largely shaped the image of Krasnoyarsk. The Big Concert Hall, the Puppet Theatre, the dome of the Medical Academy, the “Big Ben” on the administration building – these are just some of his projects, without which it is impossible to imagine the regional capital. The author’s unique archive – all documents, sketches, tablets with images for 65 years of creative activity – were handed over by his family to Siberian Federal University. During his lifetime, Areg Demirkhanov gave his consent.

“I would like to thank you for the memory of my father. In our time, memory is the dearest. He was devoted to his work and to every person he met on his life path. He always talked about the university with reverence and pleasure, and even I got this feeling. I am glad that his works have seen the light of day again, this should all belong to society”, said the daughter of the architect Karina Demirkhanova.

The opening was attended by relatives and friends, colleagues and followers.

“Areg Demirkhanov was a frequent guest of the School of Architecture and Design. When he came here, he often brought gifts: notebooks, drawings, tablets. One of his works, a drawing of the administration building of the 1960s, has long been an exhibit in the SibFU Museum. Then arose the idea to collect this archive, and we together began to review his creative path. There are so many interesting things! This is serious work for years to come. Thanks to Areg Demirkhanov for preserving and keeping this legacy. Thanks to the family who kindly presented it to us. Today our task is to keep this heritage for posterity, so that we know and remember the name of the national architect Areg Demirkhanov,” said Sergey Yamaletdinov, an architect’s follower and associate professor of the School of Architecture and Design, Siberian Federal University.

“We have discovered only a part of the treasures presented to us by the family of our good friend. His sketches, a huge number of schemes and drawings, implemented and unrealized projects, are a testing ground for students in their specialty,” said Anna Rumyantseva, director of the SibFU Museum.

The exhibition was attended by students and representatives of the directorate of the School of Architecture and Design. Evgeny Zykov, acting director of the School of Architecture and Design was also acquainted with Areg Demirkhanov. They met in the studio and at exhibitions.

“„Everything that unites people is good! Everything that separates is bad … “- this is another wise aphorism that I heard from Demirkhanov. I have been checking my thoughts and deeds with it for many years”, noted Evgeny Zykov.

The exhibition will run in the Presentation Gallery of Siberian Federal University (Svobodny pr. 79, building №2) until 1 November, 2021.

The complete collection will be exhibited in the memorial study-laboratory located in the SibFU building at 70, ul. Lenina.

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