Siberian Federal University: Siberian Federal University hosts the international forum HETS-2021

On 14–16 October 2021, Siberian Federal University is hosting the International Scientific and Practical Forum on Sustainable Development in the Digital World Human. Economics. Technologies. Society (HETS — 2021). More than 120 speakers from 73 universities and the Russian Academy of Sciences applied for the participation in the forum.

The purpose of the forum is to exchange experience and research results in the economcs, social sphere and education. Participants discuss the new effects of digitalisation, the prospects for a sustainable Russian and global economy, the use of natural resources and climate preservation.

The participants were welcomed by Viktor Kolomiets, Project Director of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation. He said that HETS-2021 is a satellite event of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.

“After the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum in 2021, we saw a need for business events at which the initiatives outlined at the KEF would be further discussed. HETS-2021 is the first platform where we will be able to set key discussion topics, which will be continued at other KEF satellite events next year,” he said.

Ruslan Baryshev, Vice-Rector for Research, spoke about the high importance of the event for Siberian Federal University.

“Today we see the status of the participants. There are representatives of the university community, including representatives of leading universities from abroad, and the authorities. For Siberian Federal University, this is especially important in the context of creating here a world-class centre of science and education, which will deal with carbon and carbon–related topics, including the application of digital technologies,” claimed Ruslan Baryshev.

The tasks of the Yenisey Siberia Science and Education Centre in the context of the existing climate narrative and sustainable development were the subject of a plenary presentation by Sergey Verkhovets, Professor of SibFU and Head of the Centre.

In addition, representatives of leading foreign universities spoke at the plenary session and sections. For example, Ivan Bobriak, a professor of biology from Oxford, presented the results of the study of the possibilities of extending working life. Professor of Computer Science Inmaculada Medina-Boulo from the University of Cadiz read a report, titled Digital Technologies and Methods for Research of Control Systems with a High Degree of Uncertainty.

Forum organisers: Siberian Federal University, Institute of Computational Modeling SB RAS, National Research University ITMO, Siberian Fire and Rescue Academy of State Fire Service EMERCOM of Russia, University of Cadiz, Scientific Research Support Association.

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