Siberian Federal University: SibFU to Train Specialists for International Financial Market

School of Economics, Finance and Public Administration, (Siberian Federal University) commences enrolment for the MSc Double-Degree program in BANKING.

The program trains a specialist able to apply modern tools for modelling cash flows and with the competencies of an analyst and a project manager that would meet the demand at the international financial market. The language of training is English, so a fine command of the language is one of the requirements along with a bachelor’s degree in economics or mathematics. The largest banks of Russia are among the industrial partners for this program.

The training is given in various formats: workshops, lectures of international visit-professors, business games, video conferences, and working on the specialized simulators. The main focus is on developing students’ leadership skills and forming experience in managing business communication with international banks and corporations.

For Russian students, SibFU implements BANKING training program jointly with the University of Siena. After graduation, both universities issue the master’s degree diplomas confirming higher education in Russia and in Italy.

In addition, all the graduates can enrol for FINANCE AND BANKING postgraduate training program delivered in English.

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