UTMN: UTMN promotes open doors policy for all students

The University of Tyumen provides various laboratories for students to carry out their research. Students from other universities can launch meaningful projects using UTMN’s latest tech. They can join grant projects and become members of any research group at the university.
Obaid Gardun Lukman is a Master’s student at Tyumen Industrial University, a partner of the University of Tyumen in the West Siberian Interregional Scientific and Educational Center (SEC). Obaid got her BA in Iraq and then came to study in Russia. She regularly works with UTMN and uses the scientific facilities of SEC.

Due to the partnering program, she had the opportunity to work on a new project in the Photonics and Microfluidics Laboratory of the UTMN X-BIO Institute under the guidance of the Head of the Laboratory, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Natalia Ivanova.

Obaid studies the process of spreading liquids containing surfactants on the surface of cultivated plant leaves. The plants used have a culture and varietal specifics. The results of the work will be economically significant, helping farmers to predict the effectiveness of a particular pesticide for plant protection. This project is presented at SEC in the Plant biosafety category. The project is called: Development of a modular software package for predicting the effectiveness of complex plant protection products.

After concluding the research at the UTMN laboratories, students will return to their universities and use their findings in their graduate qualification works and master’s theses. Students that conducted research work at UTMN are welcome to join the university and continue their research trajectory as graduate students.

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