Simulation & Audio Visuals based Training May Answer the Online Training Challenges

New Delhi: In the unprecedented times like COVID-19, digital education is playing a crucial role in keeping the learners informed and connected. Power Sector Skill Council is also seeking innovative learning methodologies for the candidates during this pandemic. The council has organized a webinar ‘’Challenges in Online Training Delivery – A case of Power Sector” to discuss the future plan and challenges occured in getting the workforce trained online during the global pandemic. Mr. Vinod Behari (CEO, Power Sector Skill Council), Mr. Manoj Sharma (Head HR- Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd.) and Mr. Vinod Kumar Singh (Director Personnel, Power grid Corporation of India Limited) were present as expert panelists in the webinar. According to panelist, online training can be made easier through with application of audio visual and auditory simulation based training. PSSC is planning to take it to the next level with application of AR (Augmented Realty) and VR (Virtual Realty) techniques.

In the webinar, Mr. Vinod Behari, CEO, PSSC said that showing Audio Visuals to the trainees in the form of films during online classes is a better way of providing training to the candidates online. He also emphasized upon simulator based training so that trainees can get a good idea and practical knowldege of working on machines.

Mr. Manoj Sharma (Head HR- Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd.) focused upon the role of IoT (Internet of Things) and drone technology for the operation and management in the power sector. He said that in the coming days, drones will be very effective in surveillance and maintenance of electricity transmission and distribution. He added about smart homes, smart grid and employment opportunities due to these initiatives. Mr. Vinod Kumar Singh (Director Personnel, Powergrid Corporation of India Limited) also emphasized on simulator and VR based online technical training. The Webinar had a detailed discussion on how to make online training simpler and useful for the trainees so that they should not face any difficulty due to lack of hands-on practical knowledge during this pandemic. Different methods for upgrading the online training and for skilling of the workforce have also been suggested. The overall outcome of the webinar was that during this situation of COVID, trainees/ learners can get benefited by staying safe at home through online training platforms which can make them trained and can polish their skills at the same time. The entire program was moderated by Brijesh Srivastava of Abhilasha Productions.

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