Six scientists from Peking University receive China Youth Science and Technology Award

Peking : On October 18, the Award Ceremony for the 16th China Youth Science and Technology Award took place during the Opening Ceremony of the 2020 World Young Scientist Summit. A total of 100 sci-tech workers were awarded. Six awardees come from Peking University, and they are Professor Liu Ruochuan, Professor Xiao Yunfeng, Professor Song Lingyang, Professor Chen Xing, Professor Jiang Changtao, and Associate Professor Guo Shaojun.


The China Youth Science and Technology Award is a biennial award for young sci-tech workers across the country with the purpose of commending the distinguished accomplishments achieved by Chinese scientists and promoting the field of science in the nation.

Here are brief descriptions of the celebrated awardees:

Liu Ruochuan (Professor of the Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research)

Liu’s current research focuses on p-adic aspects of number theory and arithmetic geometry, especially p-adic Hodge theory, p-adic automorphic forms and p-adic Langlands program. His research was sponsored by the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. He also received “Xplorer Prize” in 2019.

Xiao Yunfeng (Professor of the School of Physics)

Xiao’s research areas lie in the study of micro-nano photonics and quantum optics. His achievements in the field of micro-cavity optical physics and devices was selected as one of the top 10 scientific advancements developed by Chinese universities.

Song Lingyang (Professor of the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science)

Song received his Ph.D. degree from the University of York, U.K., in 2007, where he received the K. M. Stott Prize for excellent research. He worked as a research fellow with the University of Oslo, Norway, until rejoining Philips Research, U.K., in March 2008. In May 2009, he joined the Department of Electronics, School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science at Peking University. He is currently a Boya distinguished professor. His main research interests include wireless communication and networks, signal processing, and machine learning.

Chen Xing (Professor and Dean of the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering)

Chen obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry from University of California, Berkeley in 2007. He then joined the laboratory of Prof. Timothy Springer at Harvard Medical School as a LSRF postdoctoral fellow, where his research focused on structural biology and immunology. In September 2010, Chen started as an assistant professor in College of Chemistry at Peking University. He was promoted directly to full professor with tenure in 2016. He is also affiliated with Center for Life Science (CLS) and Synthetic and Functional Biomolecule Center (SFBC). Some of his recent awards include OKeanos-CAPA Senior Investigator Award at the Chemical and Biology Interface (2019), CCS-RSC Young Chemist Award (2018), ACS David Y. Gin New Investigator Award (2016), IGO Young Glycoscientist Award (2015), and National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (2014). His current research interest focuses on chemical glycobiology.

Jiang Changtao (Professor of the School of Basic Medical Sciences)

Jiang’s long-term research project has been on the study of pathogenesis and translational medicine of metabolic diseases. His research has been supported by the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.

Guo Shaojun (Associate Professor of the College of Engineering)

Guo earned his Ph.D. degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011. He is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. His research interests include nanochemistry for metal, carbon and semiconductor nanomaterials, nanoenergy, nanomaterials-based analytical sensors and more.