SKKU: Daehan Kim, an undergraduate student in economics (Academic adviser: Prof. Doo Jin Ryu) published a paper on Q1 SSCI jou

A paper co-authored by Daehan Kim, an undergraduate student in economics, and his academic adviser, Professor Doo Jin Ryu, was published on Financial Innovation (Impact Factor=3.985), which is the Q1 (Top 19%) SSCI journal in Business/Finance field.

Daehan Kim, is a third-term student of Prof. Ryu’s research credit system, and first wrote an academic paper through a research credit course offered by the Department of Economics.

It is unprecedented that an undergraduate student to publish a paper as the first author in a top SSCI Journal in the field of finance. Unlike the field of science and engineering, it is very rare to publish a paper on SSCI Journal even for Ph.D. students.

As cryptocurrency has become a useful tool for money laundering, financial authorities around the world are expanding the scope of anti-money laundering regulations from traditional financial institutions to cryptocurrency exchanges. In Korea, under the “Act on Reporting and Use of Specific Financial Transaction Information”, virtual asset operators or cryptocurrency exchanges, are required to register with the Financial Services Commission and report suspicious activities such as money laundering. The key point of this paper is to show that the exchange’s reporting behavior of suspicious activities may appear more than the optimal level through the economic theory model.

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