SKKU: SKKU holds an International Conference, “An Age of Upheaval”

The 1st SKKU International Conference under the theme of “An Age of Upheaval” will be broadcast live in English and Korean through Zoom and YouTube from 9:30 a.m. on January 14, 2022.

The conference is hosted by the Department of Economics and the Department of Convergence for Social Innovation, and sponsored by Sungkyunkwan University and the fourth phase of BK21 Business Graduate Innovation. It is a notable academic event that brings world-renowned scholars and professors together, including named distinguished chair Professor Jared Diamond and Professor Steven Pinker at Harvard, who is a world-class best-selling writer.

This event is the first global conference platform designed for the universal value and sustainable future of mankind by utilizing the brand of this school, and questions, “What choices should we make amid the upheaval such as pandemic, climate change, inequality, political polarization, and AI revolution?”

The 2022 1st SKKU International Conference is a meaningful place to gather international scholars and Senior researchers from fields of science and engineering, including artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction (HCI), as well as the fields of social sciences such as geography, psychology, economics, sociology, politics, education, and administration.

This event will be open to SKKU students, faculty members, and employees, as well as any individuals who are interested in. All detailed information can be found on the conference web page. It provides information in Korean and English and application is available on the website.

In particular, a pre-application is available for SKKU students until January 7, and gifts will be presented randomly to students, faculty members, and employees, who attended the event on that day(online).

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