SKKU: The Global Lecture and Innovation Lecture of SKKU

Our university is trying to facilitate hybrid education-integrating online and offline education. In online channel, our university provides students with high quality online lecture contents which are made with our university’s accumulated experience of operating and making online educational contents, and leads students to study on their own. Then, through offline channel, students can accomplish the capability of convergence, self-directedness, and global competencies by actively communicating with professors.

To do this, our university has opened global lectures in which students can experience the prominent lectures of representative international universities, and innovation lectures by which students can cultivate capability of convergence and global competencies from the fall semester of 2021. Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL, Director: Professor Park Jun Hyeon) made introduction video with professors who successfully operated global lectures and innovation lectures.

Global lectures are where students can learn high quality global contents provided by prominent international universities via online, and then discuss the materials on offline with additional explanations. “The Era of Upheaval” taught by Prof. Jared Diamond and Prof. Koo Jung Woo, which was firstly opened in this fall semester, is the representative model example of the global lecture.

Innovation lecture is the newly designed lecture model to facilitate the participation of students through discussion, presentation, and project. It has 3 forms.

– Flip Learning: Students learn the materials online first, and apply the knowledge in the classroom through group activity.

-Problem Solving: To find out the proper solution for the problem (or subject), students collaborate with other students and interact with each other.

-Specialized Innovation: Each professor achieves the educational goal through his or her unique and innovative educational methods.

Cho Jun Mo, the vice president and the director of academic affair, said “To cultivate students’ global competencies and capabilities of self-directedness, we newly introduced total 154 lectures, both innovation lectures and global lectures. We will release the introduction video of the innovation lecture and global lecture with starting by Prof. Kim Dong Ho (“Designing and Development of E-learning”). We expect this video can help both students and professors to understand global lectures and innovation lectures and to participate in those lectures which would be actively spreading in academic year of 2022.”