SKKU: SKKU holds JOB FAIR using Metaverse

SKKU (President Dong-Ryeol Shin) announced that JOB FAIR using metaverse will take place twice in 3.7(Mon)~8(Tue), 3.14(Mon)~15(Tue) this year continued from last second half of the year.

SKKU holds JOB FAIR every year to provide useful information about employment such as corporate duty and recruitment to students. It also provides companies the early chance to secure both promotion and highfliers. This year, about 60 companies including global, top companies from domestic and foreign domains, and prospective technology companies are to participate.

Metaverse platform, Gather Town, was used last year but this year it will be held through metaverse platform, ZEP, and the fair is expected to have more student participation since mobile access is also available (unlike last year, only available on PC).

The JOB FAIR venue will be embodied virtually in metaverse platform ZEP, allowing students to enter virtual school’s exhibition venue to either listen to recruitment fair or counsel recruiters. Students can also exchange information among themselves by communicating through chat.

In addition, participants can check the counseling department (recruiter information) in advance through online recruitment consultation platform, CareerTalk. Also, consultations within company booth will be progressed separately, categorized by the department to execute suitable counseling for each student’s major/academic record.

This JOB FAIR will be held in 8 universities (Sungkyunkwan Uni., Kyunghee Uni, Korea Uni., Sogang Uni., Seoul National Uni., Yonsei Uni., Chungang Uni., Hanyang Uni.) unitedly, centered around SKKU.

On the other side, SKKU is proceeding various programs using metaverse including this JOB FAIR. Sungkyun Korean Writing Contest had been held successfully. SKKU also signed a contract with NAVER about AI-based academic information integrated platform establishment through metaverse. This year, a mentoring system was organized in metaverse for freshmen and various classes also frequently utilized metaverse platform in many different ways.

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