SKKU: SKKU-Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology-Samsung Medical Center collaborate convergence research

Sungkyunkwan University (President Dong-Ryeol Shin) announced that it will promote research collaboration on the convergence of academic, research institutes, and hospitals through exchanges of excellent research personnel and resources with the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology (Director Jang-Sung Kim) and Samsung Medical Center (Director Seung-Woo Park).

Three organizations had an agreement ceremony at SKKU’s Humanities and Social Sciences Campus on March 4th (Fri), 2022. The ceremony was attended by SKKU President Dong-Ryeol Shin, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology Director Jang-Sung Kim, and Samsung Medical Center Director Seung-Woo Park.

Based on this agreement, the three organizations plan to create future values through the convergence of various fields such as medicine, pharmacy, bioscience, biotechnology, chemistry, chemical engineering. To achieve their goal, research personnel will be exchanged, research infrastructure will be jointly utilized, and field training and educational cooperation will be promoted to foster science and technology professionals.

Additionally, they will strive to establish and expand global research networks and spread R&D results by inviting excellent overseas researchers, exchanging research personnel, and international joint workshops.

SKKU President Shin said “It is very encouraging and exciting to collaborate with the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology and Samsung Medical Center, which have world-class research capabilities. We look forward to creating new values through bold convergence research across boundaries.”

Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology Director Kim said “Through open cooperation among the research subjects representing Korea, we will strive to become a successful model for creative convergence research and multidisciplinary talent training.”

Samsung Medical Center Director Park said “The three organizations, as research institutes with the best basic/ intermediary/clinical research capabilities in Korea, will be excellent partners in achieving each other’s vision and are expected to create specific results in solving social challenges in the healthcare field.”

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