Sociological expedition carried out to study the identity and life strategies of young people in the Arctic zone

As part of the complex scientific expedition “Kalevala-2021”, a sociological study was carried out to study the identity and life strategies of young people in the Arctic zone.
The sociological expedition was attended by a 1st year student of the direction “Sociology” Valery Chashkin under the guidance of a senior lecturer of the Department of Sociology and Social Work, Ph.D. Elena Nikolaevna Luzgina. The expedition was organized by the director of the Humanitarian Innopark, professor of the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies Irina Mikhailovna Suvorova.

Sociological expeditions provide a unique opportunity to develop students’ research skills. During the study, there was an intensive collection of field data, training in research methods, reflection on the experience of participants and a discussion of how the entire research process is built as a whole.

Valeria Chashkina shared her impressions of the expedition:

Thanks to a well-organized route during the expedition, we were able to interview a large number of respondents. Despite the busy schedule, we were able to draw attention to the various disadvantages and advantages of the Kalevala village.

In each organization, where the study took place, people warmly greeted us and answered the questionnaire with interest.

I liked communicating with people, I would like to continue to take part in such studies and expeditions. Such “going out into the field”, especially for first-year students, is a unique opportunity to take part in a large project and feel all the delights, and possibly difficulties, that one may encounter while conducting sociological research.


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