Softline ActivePlatform is now available on Microsoft’s AppSource Marketplace


LONDON – Microsoft has introduced ActivePlatform, a brokering portal for cloud service sales by Softline Group, to its AppSource Marketplace, raising the platform’s visibility and helping customers to compare its advantages with other solutions on the market.

Before AppSource was added, the platform’s authorization procedure was simplified to speed up the onboarding process for new customers. The target audience (which includes Microsoft CSP partners, such as resellers and distributors) will now be able to request a trial of ActivePlatform to get a feel for how the solution works.

“Microsoft’s input is of great importance to us, and these changes have definitely made the platform more accessible for resellers. We’re looking forward to developing the service further and improving integration for new vendors. In fact, we have recently launched the SaaS version, which means that now the platform is even more affordable for our smaller customers.

An ever-growing number of vendors are embracing the subscription business model, so automating the customer lifecycle (particularly sales, billing, and integration with ERP systems) is clearly becoming key to success in the market. This solution offers an effective way to automate customer journeys, while also bringing down transaction costs and increasing profits,” commented Softline ActivePlatform’s CEO, Dmitry Levkovich.