SPbPU: Applicants from the Middle East, Franco-Africa, and Asia prepare to enroll at Polytechnic University

Applicants from the Middle East, Franco-Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Asia learned about Polytechnic University’s educational opportunities. Since mid-May, the SPbPU International Office has participated in six international educational exhibitions and held three webinars for international applicants. More than 4,000 foreign participants have visited SPbPU virtual showcases and received detailed advice.

Foreign applicants from all over the world joined the virtual international exhibition «Engineering and Humanities». Over 400 of them showed interest in SPbPU educational programs in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, mathematical modeling, energy, linguistics, and regional studies. All visitors to the Polytechnic University showcase received detailed advice and recommendations on the choice of training direction.

Virtual interactive exhibition of Russian universities was aimed at the regions of Indian subcontinent and Asia — applicants from India, Sri-Lanka, Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Bangladesh and China participated in it. Representatives of Polytechnic University processed more than 500 requests for training. Future students were mainly interested in such areas as engineering, technical specialties, instrumentation and mechanical engineering, management, and economics.

Another Simatex Study in Russia exhibition was held in the talk-show format. SPbPU representatives told about the peculiarities of entering and transferring students at Polytechnic University in modern conditions and answered online questions from potential international applicants.

The online exhibition «EEUA: Middle East» united future master’s degree students: applicants from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon got acquainted with SPbPU master’s degree programs. Two more EEUA exhibitions were aimed at attracting foreign applicants to the bachelor’s degree programs: one day was educational events for Franco-African participants and the other day — for participants from, more than 2 thousand people visited the virtual Polytechnic University showcase, more than 300 of them received detailed advice about the peculiarities of admission in 2022, entrance exams, Polytechnic University dormitories and life in St. Petersburg in general.

Webinars occupy a special place in the strategy of promoting SPbPU educational services in the foreign market: international services conduct them both independently and with the involvement of partner organizations. Two webinars were supported by Rossotrudnichestvo in May: on May 17 for students from Latin America and on May 27 for Chinese citizens. Another webinar was devoted to SPbPU’s new international program in English «Emergency Preparedness and Response». The program, aimed at training qualified specialists in emergency preparedness and response to nuclear and radiological accidents, received a wide response from the foreign audience — more than 900 users registered for the webinar.