Sports Sunday of PetrSU students

The charge of positive mood and unforgettable emotions was presented by a weekend hike.
According to the good old tradition, first-year students of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​(IIL) went to the command post near the Lososinka River.

In a picturesque forest, the teams took part in the passage of the so-called stations, that is, tourist obstacle courses, for example, loops, a butterfly, a pendulum, a chessboard, etc. According to the organizers, the acquired skills in passing obstacles can be very useful in some life situations.

The students were accompanied by a friendly and close-knit team of ILL curators: Nadezhda Valentinovna Proskuryakova, Anna Vladimirovna Nikolaeva, Irina Avramovna Kotyurova, Valeria Arkadyevna Dmitrieva, as well as Olga Aleksandrovna Veselovskaya, deputy director of the Institute for educational work, and Dina Sergeevna Evtropkova, a teacher of IFCiT.

A pleasant end to the event was a tea party by the fire. All participants received a charge of cheerfulness and good mood. The hike united the freshmen even more. Three hours in the fresh air flew by quickly.

The organizer of the trip is the Department of Physical Culture of the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism in conjunction with the PetrSU tourist club “Sampo”.