Start Your Plastic Bottle & Toys Making Business

In this article we will provide information about how to start Plastic Bottle & Toys making business. We will provide detail information of process, raw material, price of blow moulding machine, etc.

First let’s understand the Blow moulding process and how the different products made with it.

Bottle making Process & Plastic Bottle Making Machine

First, add the raw material in the hopper. You have to add additives and colourants according to the product. After that pellets or plastic beads are travel through feed throat. The material enters into barrel and there is large rotating screw. The barrel heats up to melting temperature and with the heat and rotation the material transform into gooey form. After that the material reaches to the end of the screen and flows over screen and breaker plate. There are mainly two purpose of this part. The screen part removes contaminants in the plastic and the breaker plate changes the motion of plastic from rotational to longitudinal. The material is ready to go for mould. The material inflates in the mould with the help of blowing air. The material takes the shape of mould and after that product is cool down. The mould is opened and the product is ready. One worker removes extra material from the product and the product is ready to sell in market.

This blow moulding machine can make bottles from 5 ml to 10 litre capacity.

Bottle making Business Plan

Let’s understand the business plan for bottle making.

This business plan is for manufacturing of 1 litre bottle. The same machine is used for making plastic bottle. The bottle weighs 100 grams and raw material cost around 95 Rs / kg.

The plastic bottle making machine can make 1320 bottles in 8 hours. In the 25 days of month there are 33,000 bottles are made.

As per manufacturing calculation the cost of per kg production is 20 to 24 Rs. the one litre bottle cost 11.50 Rs. With the label and bottle cap the bottle is ready in 13 Rs.

This bottle can be sold easily from 15 to 17 Rs and you can make 30,000 to 40,000 profit per month.

The price of blow moulding machine is from 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs. The mould cost between 50,000 to 1,00,000 Rs. For the cooling the cooling tower or water chiller is required. The compressor is used for blowing air. The scrap grinder is required to use the waste from final product.

There is 1000 sq. ft space for manufacturing and other process.

You can make different sizes of bottle and other products in the same machine with just changing in the mould.

So, there is 12 to 13 lakh investment required to start the business.

Toy Making Business Plan

This same machine is used for toy making. This calculation is for plastic bat manufacturing. This toy making machines can make 960 bats in 12 hours and 24,000 bats in 25 days of month. For manufacture of 960 bat daily require 150 kg raw material. The HDPE is used as raw material and cost around 105 Rs/kg.

For one-month production of bat required 3,93,750 Rs of raw material.

In the production cost there are 1 skilled labour and 2 unskilled labour, power consumption, transportation cost, packaging. the one-day production cost is 21420 Rs.

The production cost of one bat is around 22.30 Rs.

These types of bat are sold in around 50 to 60 Rs in the market. With the proper dealer network, you can easily earn 70,000 to 1,92,000 profit per month.

The toy making machine cost around 10 to 15 lakhs according to their capacity. The mould cost around 50,000 to 1,00,000 Rs. Also, the cooling tower or water chiller is required for cooling. The scrap grinder is required to grind waste of final product.

The 1000 sq. ft space is required for this business.

The total investment of 16 to 17 lakhs are required.