STEMROBO To Build An Ecosystem For Nurturing Innovation & 21st Century Skills Through Showcase Schools


New Delhi : The NEP, 2020 has now made it mandatory for K12 students to get indulged in Experiential learning like Robotics, STEM Education, AI, IoT, 3D printing, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, and Coding in schools. To equip the schools with the setup required to nurture students. STEMROBO Technologies, one of India’s leading Ed-tech start-ups focusing on fostering innovation skills amongst K-12 students, has announced to set up ‘Showcase Schools’, an end-to-end ecosystem ensuring the holistic development of students and making them 21st century ready.


The objective behind setting up the Showcase Schools is to provide Schools, Teachers, Parents, and Students with 360-degree solutions to develop a mindset and approach to tinker and innovate the solution to any real-world problem which could be inspired by their interest or experience. The idea is to instigate a culture of curiosity and problem solving, which will lead to students contributing toward Unsustainable Development Goals(UNSDGs). Under this initiative, STEMROBO will establish Tinkering and Innovation labs, Deploy & provide proper training for Teachers in STEM, Robotics, Coding & AI, offer Tech-based progressive curriculums and unique DIY kits to the students for hands-on experience, etc. The Edtech company aims to collaborate with more than 10,000 Private & Government schools in PAN India by FY24.

The 21st Century Showcase Schools will promote a culture of Experiential learning which will ensure students get Hands-on Experience with Real-Life Applications. The students would be trained in advanced technological tools like STEM Education, Robotics, Artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of things), Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship Skills, Coding, and 3D printing. This ecosystem will allow a holistic development of students right from kindergarten. It will not only focus on students interested in science or computers but also on those who are involved in co-curricular activities like dancing, cooking, singing, etc.

There persists a huge gap between what is being taught in schools and what is expected from a student to deliver in the corporate world. The overall ecosystem needs to be overhauled, be it the old curriculum, the upgradation of the teacher’s knowledge base, or the teaching or learning techniques. To bridge this gap across different levels the Ed-Tech company will also train the teachers by upgrading them around the advanced pedagogies and curriculum focused on Innovation & 21st-century skills through technological tools. This will enable educators to think beyond the regular school curriculum and broaden their horizons through experiential learning which is the much-needed skills that need to be passed on to the upcoming generation.


On the launch of 21st Century Showcase Schools, Mr. Rajeev Tiwari co-founder, of STEMROBO Technologies said, “The criterion that we are fulfilling through showcase schools is the availability of the complete ecosystem to nurture Innovation & 21st Century Skills by integrating or introducing various advanced programs for the K12 segment. We’re looking forward to collaborating with all types of schools of all sizes and helping them in establishing the infrastructure required to catch up with the world’s leading schools. The affordability of showcase schools will be highly flexible as we will offer customized proposals per the institutions’ requirements. We have plans to collaborate with around 4 Lakh affordable private schools and high-budget private schools in the upcoming years.

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