Students cool off with cultural and entertainment programs at Antahpragnya 2018 Technical Festival

Basar : After hectic preparations and activities spread over a month culminating in the inaugural of the 3-day Antahpragnya 2k18 Technical Festival here at the RGUKT Basar, the students celebrated their efforts and accomplishments presenting cultural and entertainment programs in the evening and cooled off with jubilation and style.

The ‘Trinayana’ evening organised as part of the Antahpragnya 2k18 rural technical festival started off with classical dance performance by girl students of RGUKT Basar. After that students danced to a medley of Telugu and Hindi film songs with the audience encouraging them claps and shouts. A skit on Swachh Bharat was also presented.

The Fashion Show was the highlight of the evening with students strutting on the stage with confidence. Dressed in their best, the students proved that they have a flair for fashion too apart from their subjects. More than showing off the clothes, the students showed off their confidence and self-esteem.

The RGKUT campus grounds wore a festive look with students enjoying the cultural and entertainment programs and the tasty snacks and dishes served at the food stalls. The 3-day Telangana’s biggest rural technical festival will conclude on Thursday. About 25000 people comprising of school and college kids, parents, teachers and others are expected to visit the technical festival.