World’s best coders will compete with the best Indian coders

Harbour: Space University in collaboration with Amrita University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and Moscow Workshops ACM-ICPC are joining forces to build the first Hello India × Russia Programming Boot Camp from March 22-30. During intense 8 days of programming, the participants will learn, practice and compete in the international stage preparing themselves for the World Finals in Beijing.
Computer and Data Science both have a special place in India, one of the world’s capitals for technical know-how. As they will be playing host to the ACM-ICPC world cup in 2019, Amrita University is rallying up the local teams in preparation for 2018 World Finals as to put their teams ahead of the curve. This year more than 300 teams qualified for the regional finals that took place in December 2017 and there are in total 1,900 ACM-ICPC teams in India.
Hello India × Russia Programming Boot Camp hosted at Amrita School of Engineering will be running boot camps in both countries side by side and uniting the best coders across the globe. More than 300 participants from 30+ universities will attend workshops happening in parallel In India and Russia. World’s best coders will compete with the best coders in the country. Every day camps will be competing with each other, while Indian teams also will be mentored by the ACM-ICPC World Champions from top-notch Russian Universities.
“Over the past several years, we can see a sharp increase in the number of teams from India participating in competitive programming contests, workshops, and related events. Country’s best programmers from top notch institutions were eagerly waiting for such a camp to be held in India. The Hello India x Russia ACM-ICPC Boot camp happening in the next eight days will not only promote competitive coding in India but also raise the level of coders to compete in the international arena”says Anand Shenoi, Regional Contest Director ACM-ICPC, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and added “We have best coders lined up for the camp, to bag the top positions in the regional contest and world finals”.
“The world’s brightest students will participate in boot camp to practice solving problems prepared by leading trainers,” says Alexey Maleev, technology entrepreneurship director at MIPT. “Teams who win ICPC are in high demand by major IT-companies and this is why the number of participants and the general interest to the contest is constantly increasing which naturally expands the reach of Moscow Workshops ACM-ICPC”.