Students get acquainted with the work of rehabilitation centers

As part of the study of the courses “Psychological and Pedagogical Workshop” and “Early Diagnosis and Correction” students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology under the guidance of teacher Anastasia Nikolaevna Bykova visited non-profit public organizations of Petrozavodsk, which are involved in the rehabilitation of children and adults with disabilities.
On April 12, students found themselves in the center of the virtual reality “Your World”. The autonomous non-profit organization “Your World” opened this center in 2019 with funds from the Presidential Grants Fund. People with disabilities can visit the center for free. Immersion in virtual reality helps relieve emotional stress, and joystick control develops coordination and fine motor skills. Students were able to evaluate the effect on themselves and try themselves in virtual reality.

On April 13, the students visited the Open Heart Canistherapy Center. The center was also opened with funds from the Presidential Grants Fund. Children with developmental disabilities attend correctional classes free of charge. Professional psychologists, defectologists, speech therapists and canine therapists are engaged with children, all animals in the center undergo special training, classes are safe. The center has special modern equipment that enhances the effect of correction technologies.

On April 20, an excursion to the center of hippotherapy “Centaur” took place, the center has been operating for about 20 years under the leadership of Irina Burmistrova. Children with emotional-volitional and musculoskeletal disorders undergo rehabilitation and train with professional instructors, horses undergo special training. One student was able to experience the effect of hippotherapy and ride a horse.


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