Studentship is a time of opportunities, creative ideas and open roads

The students met with the head of the youth affairs department of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Karelia N.V. Vinogradov.
Within the framework of the meeting, an award ceremony was held for the winners of the student’s Day competition.

The winners in the nominations of the competition were:
• Scientific achievements – Bagaudin Tavat (Medical Institute),
• Volunteering – Daniel Kalinin (Institute of Physics and Technology),
• Social achievements – Petina Julia (Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences), Zhikhoreva Elizaveta (Institute of Philology ),
• Creativity – Andrey A. Fed’kin (Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism).

This competition was attended by guys – leaders of various student associations, who have won prizes in various competitions for several years. Since I hadn’t taken part in any competitions of this kind before, it was a surprise for me to win such a large-scale prize,

– noted one of the winners of the competition Tavat Bagaudin, a student of the Medical Institute.

I was preparing a questionnaire for the competition with my achievements and works during 2020. I am very pleased with this victory, it was very pleasant to be the first among so many applications. Soon I will go for the prize and finally understand that I won. On reading that this victory – largely the merit of my team, my team and my family – «TIMEZ». All the achievements and merits that I have are somehow connected with the guys from this team of PetrSU, in particular, with the head coach Elena Chirkazerova,

– said Andrey Fedkin, a student of the Institute of Physical Culture and Science.

Daniil Kalinin, winner in the “Volunteering” nomination, noted:

It was very unexpected for me, but no less pleasant for me, to win this competition. Being a volunteer is a great reward in itself.

A video from the winners’ portfolio will be broadcast on city public transport for a month, and students will receive trolley tickets.