Summer programs of the Linguistic Center of PetrSU

Borders are gradually opening and the Linguistic Center of PetrSU accepts foreign students for full-time programs.
Monica Theil arrived from Germany in August and with great pleasure began to study not only the Russian language, but also Russian culture and architecture.

Monika is not the first time in Petrozavodsk. She writes a book about her father, who, by the will of fate, ended up in Petrozavodsk after the war as a prisoner of war. Before the war, Erich Gennes (that was the name of Monica’s father) received an architectural education, and from 1945 to 1949, being in Petrozavodsk, he supervised the construction of the Sulazhgorsk brick factory, as well as two residential buildings and a large bakery. Monica is interested in any information about post-war Petrozavodsk. And, of course, she was glad to know that the father of her Russian language teacher at the Linguistic Center Lazar Chinyonov worked as the chief architect of the city after the war. L.L. Chinyonova presented Monica with a book about her father, written by her brother, and also introduced Monica to the publisher of this book, Vitaly Nakonechny, who will design the book about Erich Gennes.

Monica Teyle herself worked all her life as a music teacher in a large secondary school in Cologne. She says that everyone in her family was either architects or teachers.

It is very interesting for us to work with such “students”. Monica enjoys studying the Russian language and getting to know the culture, architecture and history of our country, and most importantly, it is human communication between people whose destinies are intertwined with time and various historical events. We hope that this is not Monica’s last visit to Petrozavodsk.