Supreme Incubator launches ‘RocketLab’ Startup Summer School Programme for High School Students

New Delhi: Supreme Incubator, a virtual startup builder ecosystem based out of New Delhi, announced its revolutionary and first of its own kind virtual initiative for high school students within the age group of 14-20 years of age starting from mid June 2021. This startup summer programme named as RocketLab is aimed at engrossing high school students or pre-college students in the high energy, high risk and dynamic world of building a startup.

The aim of this initiative is to enhance and improvise the talent in the students. It will help them to grow and build a strong foundation by enabling them with entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills. RocketLab is a unique programme where the students will get a chance to build a startup in a five weeks time period working alongside global peers. It will be a virtual camp where the theoretical part will be negligible and the students would spend the time talking to potential customers, building logos & websites, making a pitch to global investors and brainstorming with peers from around the world. The programme has started receiving massive interest from schools & students from international cities like Dubai, Indian cities like Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai , Delhi NCR, etc. and other Indian states of Goa, Punjab,Odisha, etc. have applied to the program. Supreme Incubator has reached to more than 14,550 students since its inception in India.

Sharing her views on the new programme, Disha Singla, Co-founder of Supreme Incubator says; “In order to boost the startup culture in India, Supreme Incubator has been on a mission to empower early stage startup founders. Throughout our journey we have interacted with thousands of startups. We have seen so many young entrepreneurs in the recent past and we understand that there is a need for the younger lot to be trained and helped. Entrepreneurial skills help students to think outside the box and nurture unconventional talents and skills. So here we are with an initiative of which students can make the best use.”

The curriculum is inspired by principles from global leading universities and enables students to build 5 unique startup ideas in 5 weeks, learning about different aspects of entrepreneurship as they apply the learnings in real-time.

“While inculcating entrepreneurship skills at a younger age, the students tend to incorporate new global skills and start thinking like a leader. Students benefit by being “innovation ready” through design thinking, communication and collaboration skills that help them invent and build their own careers – whether getting acceptances from the best global universities and colleges , job opportunities in international corporations or building their own startup ventures . The future of work is either being an entrepreneur or intrapreneur. We are expecting some revolutionising innovative business ideas from the younger lot driven by passion. Looking forward to providing the much needed guidance and support and help them find a better route to their dream career.”, Tanvi Singla, Co-founder of Supreme Incubator, adds.