Svetlana Medvedkova, student of the Institute of Foreign Languages, is the best adapter of PetrSU 2020!

The contest “The Best Adapter of PetrSU” was held in an online format.
Behind 5 weeks of preparation, competitive tests, educational program, trainings and trainings.

I think that my victory took place thanks to my trade union bureau, which not only supported, but also helped with ideas. I tried to do everything as efficiently as possible and, naturally, not missing deadlines. After the project, I decided that I had to maintain the pace that was set for me, so I went to the organizers of “Miss and Mister IIIA” and “CO-FORUM”.

Even after the project, my every day is scheduled by the minute. I always find time to do my homework. The secret is that I have time for everything, there is no, you just need to be able to allocate time, make a to-do list for the day and not leave everything until the last moment.

The main thing is to invest as much as possible, as in any business, so that there is a decent result. In the work of the adapter, absolutely any skill is important, since the adapter is a universal activist who can do everything.

The most interesting thing in this project is the people, from them I am charged, because they are all different and unique. Every person I meet in my life I learn something good.

I advise freshmen not to “drop out” of student life and always be in touch with everyone. Despite the fact that we are at a distance, be sure to participate in various projects,

– Svetlana shared her opinion.