T-Hub and Anthill launch SWAN in India

Hyderabad: T-Hub, India’s fastest-growingstartup engine, and Anthill, a speed scaling platform for early-growth stage startups,arelaunching a prestigious international startup initiative in India –the Smart Women Angels Network.

To celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit in women and create awareness about investing and recognizing the need for women investors, T-Hub and Anthill are launchingSWAN.

SWAN, which has its roots in Barcelona has now spread its wings to reach India to create a network of women angel investorswho will then collaborate with their counterparts from across the world to interact with and invest in startups.

The objective behind SWAN is to:
– Createan exclusive network for Women Business Angels
– Create a deal flow of quality, innovative and high impact global startups
– Conduct training and activities to promote Women Business Angels & Entrepreneurs

Jay Krishnan, CEO, T-Hub said, “The Indian startup ecosystem is one of the most thriving environments in the world. To encourage women to be active members of the ecosystem, T-Hub in collaboration with Anthill, is pleased to launch SWAN in India. We truly believe this reputed programme will not only suffuse the culture in the country,but change the dynamics of the community to make it more inclusive.”

Prasad Vanga, founder and CEO, Anthill said, “In the Indian and global startup ecosystem, women are at the forefront of the business world. With the launch ofSWAN, we want to boost the presence of more women investors in India. Along with our partnership with T-Hub, we hope to transform the Indian startupecosystem, by creating valuable partnerships both nationally and internationally that will help startups scale.”

Cristina Ventura, president of SWAN and an Angel and Fund-of-FundsInvestor,said, “We recognize the potential of women investing in startups and how they are a crucial part of the global startup ecosystem. The percentage of women investors around the world is very less. For example, in the US just 20 per cent of the investors are women, in Europe it is 5 per cent, in the UK it is 14 per cent while in Spain it is just 8 per cent. In India, the numbers are very low. SWAN believes in creating an inclusive network that can make a positive difference.”