T-Hub and Beanstalk AgTech Partner for the Australia-India AgTech Market Access Program

Hyderabad: T-Hub, a global startup catalyst that powers entrepreneurship, scale and deal flow, today announced its partnership with Beanstalk AgTech, a venture builder focusing on high-growth Agricultural Technology (AgTech) companies across the Asia-Pacific region, for the Australia-India AgTech Market Access Program.

The program sponsored by the Australian Government – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will kick-start in early 2019 with an aim to solve important agricultural sector problems in both the countries.

The Australia-India AgTech Market Access Program is the first bilateral platform between the 2 countries that provides a tailored and structured pathway for cross-border growth of AgTech startups. T-Hub and Beanstalk AgTech will select twelve best-in-class AgTech startups from both countries that can solve agricultural problems of Australia and India respectively using advanced technologies.

Her Excellency Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria visited T-Hub today on her first official visit to Hyderabad and said “It has been absolutely fascinating to visit T-Hub, one of the world’s leading startup engines. Victoria is also extremely proud of our dynamic startup sector. We look forward to growing Victoria’s engagement with T-Hub, starting with the wonderful exchange that will come through the T-Hub/Beanstalk collaboration. Victoria is the AgTech hub of Australia, and the opportunity to lift productivity in the agricultural sector through technology can bring benefits to farmers in India, Australia and around the world.”

“For this program, we will select startups with brilliant solutions for the agriculture sector and who are ready to explore a new market. T-Hub brings value for these startups by helping them to localize their product, figure out the right sales channels, and introducing them to potential customers and channels across the country in order to scale their companies. Over the years, we at T-Hub have worked with hundreds of startups with solutions based on emerging technologies and helped them to grow. We are positive that this partnership will help strengthen the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems in both India and Australia, and we are proud to continue being one of the best scaling engines for start-ups from around the world” said Srinivas Kollipara, CEO of T-Hub.

“This challenge-led market access platform will ensure that AgTech companies making the journey across borders are solving specific challenges that speak to their comparative strengths. Through this partnership, Beanstalk AgTech and T-Hub will support these high-growth companies to access networks and capability development to ensure their solutions can be localised to drive strong commercial, social and environmental outcomes in the agricultural sector”. William Taing, Co-Founder of Beanstalk AgTech.

This platform will provide a sustainable model for helping innovative startups to make the biggest impact in Australia and India, and to enhance agricultural yields in both countries.